Details of sanatorium

Name: Regional state Autonomous healthcare institution "Sanatorium "Beautiful".

Location: 309360, Russia, Belgorod region, Borisov district, H. Nikol, 1A.

the Social orientation institution: for adults and children.

the status of the resort: region.

Profile: somatic (cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal apparatus, respiratory organs).

Natural healing factors: climate, mineral water.

a license for activities: the License for implementation of medical activity No. LO-31-01-001569 dated 29.05.2014 issued by the Department of health and social protection of population of the Belgorod region, indefinite.

INN: 310 300 1114

transmission: 310 301 001

bin: 1023100641827


  • Director: (47246) 5-08-04
  • Accounting: (47246) 5-29-02
  • Fax: (47246) by 3-31-11


Online booking under construction ...

You can book a room by phone 8 (47246) 33-130