Caution! Ticks!

Caution! Ticks!

Spring is the time of awakening and the beginning of tick activity, especially in the period from mid–April to May. Starved after hibernation, ticks in this spring and warm season are very active in search of food.

To avoid tick bites, it is necessary:

1. From the beginning of April to the middle of September, be careful when visiting tick habitats - in the country, in parks and squares, in the forest, in areas with tall grass.

2.When visiting these places, it is necessary to choose light monochrome closed clothing that fits snugly to the body, preventing ticks from crawling, and use a headdress or hood.

3. Apply special protective repellents (with DETA (Diethyltoluamide) from 20% or permethrin 0.5%), in accordance with the instructions for use.

4. Regularly inspect clothes and body for ticks.

Currently, there are vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis - Tick-E-Vak (Russia), EnceVir (Russia) and others. Immunoprophylaxis is carried out for persons permanently residing or temporarily staying in territories endemic for tick-borne encephalitis in order to actively prevent it. Before vaccination, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Take care of yourself!