Diagnostics in the sanatorium

Correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment, and wrong could negate all efforts of doctors. Diagnostic methods are important for monitoring the course of treatment, objective assessment of treatment outcomes. Diagnostics in "Krasivo" is carried out on modern equipment.

For the diagnosis and monitoring the progress of treatment sanatorium has diagnostic base

  • the Cabinet of functional diagnostics (ECG, Bicycle ergometry, ECG monitoring and blood pressure);
  • endoscopic surgery (fibrogastroscopy, rectoscopy);
  • the Cabinet of ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound of internal organs, Echo);
  • clinical diagnostic laboratory (clinical and biochemical study),
  • x-ray bone densitometer (osteoporosis).

pulmonary function testing equipped with ECG for ECG research and kardioritmografiya, systems, Holter ECG monitoring and daily monitoring of arterial pressure, which allows continuously during the day to assess the state of cardiovascular system: to identify arrhythmias, ischemia of the myocardium, to observe the dynamics of blood pressure during the day. Also in the study performed Bicycle ergometry. Qualitative diagnosis ensures the correct diagnosis, which subsequently allows us to determine drug therapy.

Endoscopic study sanatorium is equipped with videopornocaserogratis Pentax endoscope with stand, rectoscope "Quartz". The main objective of the study is endoscopic diagnosis of diseases of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

If you suffer from abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing food, coughing up blood, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, sudden weight loss, you need to get tested by the method of EGD. This procedure detects the presence of gastritis, ulcers, hypersecretion, cancer, diseases of the duodenum, the achilios,esophagitis,polyps, erosion.

today is the most accurate method of diagnosing stomach cancer at an early stage.

Patients to undergo procedures need to have the ELISA examination for hepatitis b, C and HIV(valid for not more than 90 days from the date of testing).

In office ultrasound sanatorium "Krasivo" the machine "Logiq E9" (US production). Conducted ultrasound examination of the thyroid and mammary glands, abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space, pelvic organs, lymphatic system, salivary glands.

diagnostic laboratory has modern equipment, allowing to carry out clinical and biochemical blood, urine and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay the blood.In the laboratory, a biochemical automatic analyzer, immunoassay analyzer, Hematology and urine analyzers. The laboratory's equipment allows  with high precision performs 53 studies.

the resort has x-ray bone densitometer made in the USA. This unique device allows you to diagnose such insidious diseases as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Advisory work. In the resort constantly consulted physiotherapist, cardiologist, pediatrician, gynecologist, neurologist, the herbalist, psychologist, nutritionist, girudoterapevt, reflexologist, urologist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist.

Thus, the diagnostic base of the health resort allows to carry out a comprehensive, adequate and safe treatment and rehabilitation of patients.