Beauty salon

Offer You the services of specialists, trained in Moscow.

the Beauty salon is equipped with advanced, modern equipment.

Cosmetology programs:

  • "skin"
  • Itopelim therapy
  • Enzyme-kertomuksia therapy
  • Rosacea herbal medicine
  • Biomineral therapy
  • "forever young"
  • Toning antioxidant therapy
  • Whitening therapy
  • Lifting therapy
  • "Golden autumn"
  • Biostimulation therapy
  • therapy

procedures are used For the cosmetic line Lacrima, Vivasan.


Professional line of hardware and cosmetic pedicure Peclavus.


  • Classic manicure
  • gel Coating varnish

For manicure, use the company's products, ibd Nail.


  • All types of haircuts
  • Curling
  • Weave
  • Discoloration
  • Staining
  • hair Care

the products of the company Londa.