Dear Guests, welcome to our health centre!

The health centre “Krasivo” was founded in 1972, the translation of our centre name is “Beautiful”. Since 2001 the managing director is Cherkashina Galina Dmitrievna. Nowadays, Krasivo is the largest modern health medical centre in Russia, it has the capacity for up to 450 visitors. In 2019, more than 11 thousand patients 42 of them were foreigners visited our sanatorium. Our guests indicated effectiveness of treatment and the high level of service. Our staff totals 550 people, including 200 of medical staff. Medical centre has 3 PhD candidates of medical sciences, 50% of doctors have the highest and first qualification categories, 2 of them were awarded with the badge “Excellent Health Care of the Russian Federation”.

Our health centre has 63 types of licensed medical services and more that 150 types of medical treatments.

In 2011, Administration of Belgorod Region has signed the order No. 134-rp (dated 28.03.2011) to rename our centre into the regional state autonomous health care centre “Sanatorium “Krasivo”.

Sanatorium “Krasivo” is a modern medical and health complex. We treat cardiovascular diseases, carry out rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction, after heart operations, specialize in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system, respiratory organs, treat gynaecological and urological diseases. Our credo is an individual approach to every client.

We have modern and developed infrastructure:

  • residential apartment buildings, wooden cottages
  • innovation and business centre "NOOSPHERE"
  • winter garden
  • zoo
  • equipped beach with catamarans, boats, kayaks which you van rent
  • sports complex with tennis court
  • playgrounds
  • outdoor training equipment
  • large complex "Bathhouse in Krasivo"
  • pool and water park
  • café and restaurant
  • paid parking

The sanatorium has modern medical and diagnostic base, which includes fully equipped laboratory where the main types of clinical, biochemical, enzyme immunoassays are conducted. The therapy rooms are equipped with the latest facilities.

The main medical component in the sanatorium treatment is the mineral water Krasivo produced from its own well 680 meters deep. Water “Krasivo” is prescribed for diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and prevents the formation of stones in the urinary tract.

Treatment programs:

  • basic treatment program
  • health treatment program
  • weight reduction course "Losing weight beautifully"

Documents required for visit and booking:

  • national or foreign passport, as well as any other document recognized by the legislation of the Russian Federation as the main one
  • birth certificate (for children under 14 years old)
  • certificate of epidemiological environment
  • certificate of vaccinations
  • sanatorium-resort card
  • medical/insurance policy

Please kindly note, in the sanatorium there is a certain check-in and check-out time:

  • check-in starts at 8 am
  • check out strictly at 12 pm

Best wishes and enjoy your stay!

Our contacts:

309368 Belgorod region, Borisovsky district, h. Nikolsky, 1 "a", Sanatorium "Krasivo"

Director phone number: 8 (47246) 5-08-04

Fax: 8 (47246) 33-111

Reservation Manager: 8 (800) 55-55-393

Head physician: 8 (47246) 5-35-51

Mineral water shop: 8 (47246) 33-555, 33-606

Bath complex "Bathhouse in Krasivo": 8 (47246) 33-458



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