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Hello. Are there any vouchers for December 10-20, 2021.
Hello. There are available seats for the specified dates. To book a trip to the sanatorium, call 8 (47246)33-130 or 8 (47246) 5-35-42.
Hello, sorry for the question. I want to visit your sanatorium, I smoke. Do you have a smoking area in the sanatorium building so that you don't go outside now in cold weather? Thanks.
Good afternoon. Since the sanatorium is a medical institution, it is unacceptable to organize places for smoking on the territory of the sanatorium. Therefore, the smoking area is located outside the sanatorium.
Hello, tell me if it is possible to check into a sanatorium with a small dog, and what prices will be from 13.01.22, thank you.
Good afternoon, Alexander. At the moment, there is no possibility to live with pets in the sanatorium. Prices after December 25 will be increased by 4 percent from the current ones. We will update the price list on the website soon.
Hello. I want to take a trip for 6-7 days from 31.12.21 Are any events planned on 31.12.? And is it possible to take a trip without treatment, for sure, it will not be on holidays.
Good afternoon. On New Year's Eve, the sanatorium usually organizes a festive program with a banquet. The cost and the program will be published on the website a little later. We do not have vouchers without treatment, we work on holidays, the work schedule will also be posted on the website.
Good afternoon! I am pregnant and I am offered a free ticket for 2 weeks to a sanatorium! Please tell me what free procedures are included in this voucher? And is it possible to reduce your stay in the sanatorium by 1 week, i.e. to rest not for 2 weeks, but for 1...???
Good afternoon. What procedures and their number are selected by the doctor of the sanatorium. What is included in the price of the tour you can see on the website at the link, there are details there depending on the duration of the trip. You also decide how much to rest in the sanatorium. The only thing you will need to tell your doctor about your plans.
Good afternoon, is it possible to use the gym and swimming pool without accommodation? Do I need a certificate of the vaccine or a PCR test for this?
Good afternoon. A PCR test is required to visit the pool and gym. To clarify the question, you can call 8 (47246)5-08-04.
Good evening, we will rest with you for 10 days, and then we will leave for the sea. For the flight, you need to pass a PCR test. Is it possible to do this with you? Or nearby.
Good afternoon. The PCR test can be taken in the Borisovskaya CRH, it is 15 km from the sanatorium. Please call in advance to clarify this issue by phone +7 (47246) 5-07-25, +7 (47246) 5-37-22.
Where can I get acquainted with the schedule of trips for August 2021?
Hello. The arrival schedule is official information. You can find out information about your arrival in the organization that issued you a ticket to the sanatorium.
Good evening! Tell me what is included in the price of accommodation ?! namely, are you interested in the food included? what is it and how much?
Good afternoon. The price includes meals and medical treatment. Four meals a day, dietary. The treatment is selected by the doctor individually. More information can be found on the website(
On the day of arrival, what time is the check-in?
Good afternoon. Check-in at the sanatorium takes place from 8.00 to 20.00, but you need to take into account that the check-out time is: check-out until 11.00, check-in from 12.00
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