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Hello. My dad has a referral to you for rehabilitation for 12 days on September 1, does he need a PCR test now when he comes to you.
Good afternoon at the moment, no PCR test is required. Upon admission to the sanatorium, you need: passport; SNILS; medical policy; sanatorium and resort card; information about the epidemiological environment.
Tell me, please, is it possible to stay in a sanatorium without treatment, for example, for 4 days (from Thursday to Sunday) in a double room with meals? If this is possible, then what amount will it be?
Hello, there is an opportunity to rent a cottage without treatment. The cost can be viewed at the link Book by phone 8(800)55-55-393
I'm going on a trip.Is it possible to get a subtherapy procedure for free?
Good afternoon, the subtherapy procedure is paid, regardless of the category of the voucher.
Please specify which rooms are located in the main building? And where is the food when staying in the main building? Thanks!
Good afternoon, in the main building there are junior and suite rooms - 1-bed 2-room, 2-bed 2-room, 3-bed 3-room, 4-bed 3-room. When staying in the main building, they eat in a restaurant in the same building.
Hello, can I visit your winter garden with my children without being your patients? if yes, then tell me the cost. thanks
Good afternoon. Yes, you can visit both the winter garden and the zoo, the cost is 58 rubles per person. Have a passport and a certificate of vaccination from covid-19 or a certificate of medical withdrawal from vaccination.
Hello! From July 4 to July 10 check-in, are there any single 1 categories available?
Good afternoon, single seats are still available, book by phone 8(47246)33-130.
Hello, I want to know about the availability of places in a 1-room 2-bed room with a check-in on 05/18/2022 for 2 people, as well as whether you have discounts for labor veterans, other benefits, cashback. Thanks.
Good afternoon, availability can be found on the online booking page / or by phone 8(47246)3-31-30, 8(47246)5-35-42, you can book there right away. We do not have discounts, but you can use the "Travel with 20% cashback" program when paying before April 30. If you decide to take advantage of this promotion, be sure to call and consult with the booking department.
Hello! Can you tell me if there is any rehabilitation program for people who have had covid?
Good afternoon, there is no specific program, the doctor selects it for each patient individually. We have all the conditions for sand-like rehabilitation, you can read more on our website
Hello, we want to come to you for treatment. Is it possible to issue a spa card from you?
Good afternoon. We do not have services for the registration of a sanatorium-resort card, it can be issued in a polyclinic at the place of residence.
Booking from 27.03 to 12.04. Payment will be made on the spot. In this case, is there a discount on my ticket? If there is no discount, then how to issue a cashback?
Good afternoon. There is no discount when paying on the spot. You can use the travel with cashback program, where 20% of the ticket price is refunded to you. The main thing is to observe the conditions: Payment from March 15 to April 30, 2022; Time of stay from March 15 to June 30, 2022; Payment online with the MIR card, pre-register the card on the program website. More information can be found on our website and by phone 8 (47246)33-130