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Good day, on a ticket from the social insurance company, in which categories of rooms are settled?
Hello, on preferential vouchers, people are settled in 2-4-bed rooms in the block and rooms of the 1st category, depending on their availability.
Is it possible to come to the sanatorium without sanatorium-resort card, having it in place for payment. What kind of documents you need to bring And is there a place in a single room from 24 August for 10 days and what is the price?
Good afternoon. If you do not have time to issue a sanatorium card, that take a medical card from the clinic. Patients in the sanatorium is made in the presence of: passport; health policy; sanatorium-resort card; of a certificate of negative test COVID-19 received no later than 2 days prior to arrival to the sanatorium; the certificate of epidemiological environment. The cost of a single one-room Junior suites 4210 RUB day. For availability please call the reservations Department 8 (47246) 33 - 130.
Hello ! I am interested in just staying in your motels without treatment. Cottage for 3 persons - 2 adults and a child of 2years. Is it possible to buy a ticket without treatment, and which in this case would be the price?

Hello. The resort does not provide tours without treatment. The cost of 3-bed cottage can be viewed on the website Child 2 years 30% discount.

Hello ! please tell me is it possible to you to the sanatorium to visit the consulting dietitian, neurologist ,internist ,ophthalmologist, and make a video gastroscopy without accommodation and treatment and how much it will cost ?

Hello. You can undergo consultations and procedures without accommodation. You need to pre-book an appointment using the medical Manager by phone 8(47246)33-236

Good day! Is it possible to relax in the resort for the may holidays (may 1-4)? If so, how much will it cost a trip for 2 people, is it necessary to issue a sanatorium card?

hi, to make a reservation call us on 8(47246) 33-130. The cost of 1-room 2 local 3510 rubles per person. For sanatorium-resort book will advise You on the same phone.

Hello. Want you to come to the sanatorium for rest and treatment from Germany at the beginning of February(have you had in 2017). Everything will work normally or what that apparatus not work? Thank you for your answer

Good day! The sanatorium will operate in the normal mode, the repair of equipment at this period is not planned.

Hello. how much will it cost a trip for 10 days for 1 person Junior Suite in March?

Hello! The price for 10 days staying in a single Suite will be 40700 rubles.

Hello. Prompt, please, what events are planned in the sanatorium in new year's eve? And will feature treatment rooms 2-6 January?

Good day! Sanatorium new year's eve working. More information about Christmas events and the schedule of work of the sanatorium in the new year holidays will be displayed on the website of the resort in November.

Hello, booked a Suite in the main building, tell me, does the body lift and is it possible to purchase the resort for pool hats and Slippers? thank you

Good day! In the main building there is a lift also in the sanatorium there is the opportunity to buy accessories for the pool.

In the resort or nearby there are active Orthodox temple?

Hello! Not far from the sanatorium in the village of Hotmyzhsk is the Temple of the resurrection of Christ. In the sanatorium excursions to the temple, it is also possible to reach it on their own.

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You can book a room by phone 8 (47246) 33-130