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Good afternoon. Please tell me, can I come for a massage in the resort? Without accommodation and other services. If so, how do I sign up?

Good day! On General massage to us in sanatorium it is possible to make an appointment with medical Manager on the phone 8(47246)33-236

Hello, at the end of September planned with the child to come to you, a child of 3 years. Please tell me that it is imperative that the child spend in the pool, what documents help? Also want to take a course of massage, therapeutic baths and other services that you need from the documents? And also interested in how much it will cost the day with the baby in the main body of the standard,plus food? Thank you in advance

Hello! To visit the resort should have: passport, a sanatorium card, insurance policy. For a child plus: a certificate of vaccination and epidokruzhenii, instead of a passport and birth certificate. Massage and other medical procedures are prescribed by our doctor, depending on the indications and contraindications, taking into account the wishes the vacationer. The price for a 3-year-old child is calculated with 20% discount of the room rate. The price includes accommodation, meals and a standard set of procedures. For booking and further advice, please call 8(47246)33-130

Hello! Is it possible to start from the TSRB to take a child of 1 year, if you stay in a single room and how much it will cost extra fees?

Hello! Accommodation in a sanatorium with a child is possible with prior arrangement subject to availability. The cost for children from 1 to 2 years is calculated with a 30% discount of the room rate. To make a reservation, call 8(47246)33-130

Hello. Child 9 years old riding with my grandmother to get to the resort,does my baby need to take a certificate from the clinic?

Hello! For a child need to have a certificate of vaccination and epidokruzhenii, instead of a passport, birth certificate.

Good afternoon. Tell me, please. Whether your sanatorium ekstrakorporalnoj method of electromagnetic stimulation of pelvic floor muscles day at the office Alantron? If so, could you somehow get it treatment? In hospitals and clinics in Belgorod it is not. Thank you.

Good day! In our sanatorium does not apply this method.

Good evening, tell me where you can see the prices on rooms and trips?

Hello! The price of permits in sanatorium and other prices for our services can be viewed at the site sanatorium.

Good morning! How many days should I book a trip for the month of June? How much is the overnight stay in a single room in the block? thank you.waiting for an answer

Good day! Book a ticket needed for 2-3 weeks maybe earlier. The value of permits in sanatorium with accommodation in single room in block 3370 rubles per day.

Heard that you have a salt room, is it? If so, how much is a visit?

Good day! Yes, we have a salt cave(speleological chamber). Speleotherapy  price 50 rubles.


Hello, please tell me that you can take from the subjects the child to a water Park and you can rent a bike (the child 4,5 years) and it can be put in the room

Good day! The requirements for a child to visit the Park are the same as for adults: rubber cap and Slippers, towel and soap. Bike you can bring your own to the resort, leave it at the entrance to a residential housing estate.

Got a voucher from social insurance.Is it possible to come on this trip with his daughter for 10 years.Dividing the ticket in half.

Hello! Sharing issued a ticket to a sanatorium is not permitted.

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