Physiotherapy treatments available in the SPA center of the sanatorium

  1. Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage)
  2. Thalassopilling
  3. Thalasso-wrapping Phytoplus remineralization
  4. Gel thermoactive anti-cellulite wrap
  5. Whiskey wrap
  6. Body pling (made of cocoa beans, coconut, ginger and Kaffir lime) Body mask (made of cocoa beans, ginger and kaffir lime)
  7. Ultrasonic cavitation (liposuction) of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and back of the hands with the "JURINE KP" device
  8. Anti-cellulite shower "Charcot"
  9. Cascade shower
  10. Hydrofusion SPA capsule
  11. Contactless hydro massage
  12. Rehabilitation capsule with infrared sauna effect(infrared sauna)
  13. Subtherapy (reflex foot massage)
  14. Cryosauna (general cryotherapy)