Juli 06:43, 27 November 2019.
I want to write not just a review, and a letter of appreciation to the staff of the resort is Beautiful. Unforgettable bright days of our life. Like the rate of improvement for pregnant women in sanatorium with 13.11.2019 27.11.2019 for the first time and was very pleased.Lovely rooms with all amenities very clean and tidy. The rooms are very clean and bright, nice pass procedure. Doctor S. V. Savichev has prescribed a course of treatment depending on the indications, medical base of sanatorium powerful. Food is quite diverse, all delicious and fresh. The friendly attitude of the staff,ranging from administrators pocelui in the room, the nurses on the procedures of massage therapists, to the waitresses and maids. The team works for people. Very nice, the feeling of one big happy family!Thank you all. The campus is very picturesque forest, river. And the air what clean! A pleasure to walk. Clean air, smell of pines, the birds are singing.
Татьяна 08:21, 14 September 2019.
Yesterday I came home from the sanatorium, and the soul is still there. Thank you to everyone who works there for a wonderful holiday for body and soul.
Игорь 11:25, 09 August 2019.
Hereby I want to Express my special thanks to the staff of the division of treatment and all the staff of the sanatorium "Beautifully" - for such kind, friendly and very responsive to visitors and patients. We wish all of You health, various success, happiness and prosperity! Thank You! Sincerely, the family Grinchenko
Валентина 18:07, 03 August 2019.
Vacationing in this wonderful health resort in 2018. A huge thank you to employees, medical staff for doing your work with love and conscience. I especially want to thank the neurologist. She acupuncture saved me from years of addiction, Smoking. I have to be honest, didn't think so. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I advise everyone to visit this sanatorium.
Ирина 10:02, 08 May 2019.
Good day to all! Vacationing in this wonderful health resort in 2018, being in the "position" and another 8-year-old child. Went here on the advice of relatives, care providers. Rested just fine, I did not expect here actually so great. Of course because of the pregnancy I had some treatment, but this is understandable, but that was enough. Honestly speaking at the end went with the child not at all, more walking and resting. Bathed and swam in the aquatic centre, I visited the lap pool. Massage neck area, was part of the appointment was just perfect. Thank you!!! The grounds for walks and the magnificent, huge, well appointed, and !!! Guarded, even in the farthest corners. Walked by the company "beremenye" beyond the river, passed by a security guard on a Bicycle asked if everything was okay. In the dining room is clean, smells good, everything is neat and very tasty!!!! Food menu, lunch, plus buffet. Children, too bored there, swimming, walking, swing, Playground, zoo, bikes, velomobiles, the main thing is not to ride on the alley with vases?. In the evening went to the river, the views are amazing. Went on local trips from the resort. Drinking local mineral water. I fit perfectly, and the child weak,her only boiled came. Water were given for free, every day 1.5 bottles. And yet, the main value of this resort is the Staff! Thank you, sensitive and attentive! In General, for a relaxing, beautiful vacation, wonderful place!!!! Definitely recommend, hope to return now with the whole family.
Людмила Ивановна, город Курск 12:50, 14 April 2019.
As a regular guest of this wonderful resort, I want to thank the entire staff and medical staff. In a sanatorium trying to relax every year and always want to come back again.
Черкашина П.И., Белгород 10:35, 08 February 2019.
I want to Express my gratitude to the doctors and sanatorium for high professionalism, sensitivity, kindness and compassion, respect for age and the quest for perfect fulfillment of their professional duty. Thank you for the fact that there is such a wonderful resort and excellent doctors that help to improve health and give hope at any age!
Марина 21:36, 05 February 2019.
Thank you to the staff and workers for rest, for care, for good food , clean rooms and grounds. Yes , the prices may seem high, but it's worth it. Sisters on procedures - all as on selection of the beautiful and the good. All very polite and friendly! I'm very glad that, finally, had an ultrasound and all that I wanted and dispelled all my anxiety. A week in the sanatorium went swimming, walked through the woods, got a charge of vivacity and good mood! Thank YOU ALL for All the staff of the resort! come again!
Татьяна 08:50, 22 December 2018.
The impression of rest and treatment in sanatorium "Beautiful" are excellent.Was with his sister 10 days from 5 to 15 December.The service, food, living conditions at the highest level. To visit once again, but rates for retirees high.Staff congratulations with the coming New year.
Татьяна 08:32, 22 December 2018.
Super! All at the highest level.More such resorts in Russia.

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