Оксана Гришина 05:54, 10 September 2016.
Resting in a sanatorium in June 2016. When I arrived - thought I was in a fairy tale-everything is so beautiful and well maintained. Special thanks I want to say the housekeeping staff. I came home a new person. Support for health is very beautiful. Thanks to the psychologist, his office is attended with pleasure. Sessions of anger management with a jade mask really helped to restore the psycho-emotional state. A wonderful and interesting woman psychologist. Recommend coming here to all my friends and want to come back herself with the family.
Елена 09:10, 25 August 2016.
Amazing nature, food, staff, everything is great, but I would like to give advice to those people who travel for a short time and want not only to relax, check when you book whether you will be able to visit a doctor or to do the procedure. Vacationing with his son in a sanatorium, as it was found upon arrival, what is planned in terms of health, it is impossible to do an ultrasound scheduled till August 25, massage painted (including surcharge) , nutritionist, gynecologist, cosmetologist on vacation, but in the end rested, really rested.
Алла 12:54, 16 August 2016.
Vacation in the resort with the son's family (6 people) in July. Lived in a wooden cottage. We can say that the resort of the European level. Landscape design extraordinary. It seems that you are in the Crimea. Air, silence, great food create the perfect mood. Thank you! The cottage is amazing. Suggest stay in the resort everything from 0 to 100 years!
Артем 13:45, 08 August 2016.
This resort - the standard of how to combine rest and treatment. Just preserve cleanliness and courtesy. Read the reviews before coming and was surprised that there is no bad. After the trip, was not surprised. Thank you, I have not so good the rest of the family!
Наталья 20:23, 29 July 2016.
Just recently returned from a sanatorium in which I rest and go back again. From the resort I love, a wonderful stay and treatment. Excellent, polite staff, thank you all for your thoughtful and friendly attitude. Special thanks to the medical staff of: mud baths, laser therapy, inhalation, massage. Prosperity to you and prosperity!
Ирина 12:30, 15 July 2016.
Rested at the end of June with the kids. Came from Tver and feel like I'm in another country. Well very good and friendliness of the staff is simply amazing! Cleanliness, order and all very tasty. When we will be everywhere?
Татьяна 11:27, 09 July 2016.
Moscow, vacationing in July (1 to 12) . Thank you all for the excellent stay and treatment! All "Beautiful" beautiful!!! The territory is wonderful, quality of service,accommodation and food great, the treatment qualified ! I'm very glad that Belgorodia such an amazing place! Prosperity to you and improve further!
Татьяна Евгеньевна С. 13:08, 30 June 2016.
I'm sure this resort one of the best. Judging by the well kept appearance of the building, a variety of procedures, first and foremost, decades of experience, the permanent Director,it means a lot!!! Booked for two with her husband from July 25 to 16g. and I hope that we'll get some rest and of course to heal. Very good site: available, extensive.
Алексеева Д.И., Старцева В.А. 08:52, 23 June 2016.
I want to Express huge gratitude to all workers of the Sanatorium "Beautifully". Primarily medical professionals: doctors, nurses, etc. It is competent, smart, educated doctors with whom we met. We thank the medical staff who let us treatments: mud therapy, baths, massage, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, ingaljatory. Not less important for human nutrition and rest. Special thanks go to the staff canteen. Very good food, diverse, vitaminized menu. Thanks to the girls who served us in the dining room. Evenings were concerts, movies, a variety of talks, lectures of medical professionals. The resort has a rich library, you can borrow the book which interests you. Many thanks to the Director of the Sanatorium "Beautifully". Sanatorium "Beautiful" is not just a resort, but a fairy tale. Thank You for staying!!!
Татьяна 11:46, 20 June 2016.
Was in the sanatorium from June 10 with my son. I am invalid 1 gr. son is 10 years old. The sanatorium we loved it! All kind and considerate.I thank them for everything.
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