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Dear vacationers, the sanatorium is operating normally! Due to the growing international tension, additional security measures have been taken in the sanatorium. Admission of patients to the sanatorium is made in the presence of:

  • QR code confirming receipt of the second component of the vaccine or single-component vaccine from covid-19;
    • or a certificate confirming that a citizen has suffered covid-19 and no more than 6 months have passed since the date of his recovery;
    • or the presence of a certificate (medical certificate) about the presence of medical contraindications to vaccination;
    • certificate of negative analysis for covid-19, by the method of PCR, received no later than 2 days before arrival at the sanatorium;
  • passports;
    • for foreign citizens — passport, visa and migration card, other documents in the cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • medical policy;
  • health resort card;
  • information about the epidemiological environment;

To book a room and get advice on any questions, please contact us by phone 8(47246) 33-130

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To be treated in a sanatorium

Of course, it’s better not to get sick. Alas, nobody succeeds. But it is necessary to monitor health. Unique equipment, the latest techniques, qualified doctors, caring nurses, all this for the guests of our sanatorium. To be beautifully and effectively treated means to be treated in "Beautifully!"

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Relax in a sanatorium

Rest is necessary! Proven by science. Take a steam bath or swim, read while sitting with your feet in a soft chair or go to a disco, ride a bike or go to a bath with friends, eat deliciously and just do nothing - everyone has a favorite way to relax. And when you feel the urge to do something, it will become clear that it’s nice to relax - it’s relax in “Beautiful”!

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To live in a sanatorium

Clean forest air, peace and the possibility of privacy on the one hand, and on the other - stylish and expensive interiors, a mineral water pool, a dedicated Internet line, courts, pressure chambers, massage and no household chores. And if you add also a great restaurant, it becomes clear that it’s beautiful to live - it’s to live in “Beautiful”!

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Work in a sanatorium

At the service of those who wish to work on vacation is the innovative business center of the sanatorium. This is the place where the conditions for self-development of the person are created. A large hall for holding congresses, conferences, seminars, international meetings, forums and events of any level is presented to everyone.

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On August 4, 2022, the sanatorium "Krasivo" celebrates its 50th anniversary since the foundation of the health resort and invites vacationers, guests, colleagues involved in the construction, formation, and improvement of the health resort to celebrate.
The festivities will begin on June 20 and last until August 04.
Happy birthday, sanatorium, happy birthday, guest!

We invite you to join and take part in the festive events held in our sanatorium:
- Every weekend the health resort offers its guests an interesting and rich program: fascinating sightseeing trips to the sights of the area. Visit the museum of the sanatorium and learn the history of its formation and development.
- Take part in the fair of masters at the "Round Building" Museum (a unique structure of the 18th century, where you will get acquainted with interesting historical expositions, paintings presented by the UNION OF ARTISTS of the Belgorod region).
- All the most important historical milestones will become the main topic of communication.
- We invite you to take part in fishing on the Vorskla River, to participate in the program "Fishing meal"; at sunset to sing songs by the campfire; to take part in the solemn celebration of the sanatorium's birthday.

The sanatorium dedicates the following discounts and attractive promotions to this wonderful event for its guests (July – August 2022):
• The discount on the cost of a voucher for a child under 6 years old (inclusive) is 50%.
• For regular customers (who have visited the sanatorium for 10 times or more), a discount of 15% is provided.
• For newlyweds: During the month (July – August) after registration, a discount of 15% is valid.
• On the occasion of the celebration of his 50 - Letiya sanatorium "Beautifully" gives a 10% discount to the guests of the health resort born in August. Additionally, each birthday boy receives a sincere congratulations and a surprise from the sanatorium.

The program of festive events

  1. Table tennis 20.06.22. Street/ gym 16.00 -17.00
  2. "Fisherman's Day" 30.06.22. Beach 16.00 – 18.00
  3. "March hike with Scandinavian sticks" 29.06.22. Start and finish – the area at the bottling plant of mineral water 16.00 – 17.00
  4. Holiday "Ivan Kupala" 07.07.22. Beach 19.00
  5. "Family, Love and Fidelity Day" ! sports competitions "One for all and all for one" 9.07.22. Team building 10.00-12.00
  6. "Hello we are looking for talents" 12.07.22. Club 19.00
  7. Swimming competitions 14.07.22. Pool 16.00 – 18.00
  8. Competition of ditties for accordion 18.07.22. Club 18.00
  9. "Chess Day" 24.07.22. Physical therapy Pavilion 16.00 – 18.00
  10. Boat and kayak competitions 26.07.22. Beach 16.00
  11. Boat tour along the Vorskla river "On boats with a meal: tea and fish soup" 20.07.22. Beach 15.00
  12. Excursion - Hotmyzhsk - A holiday at the Round Building: A big fair – creative workshops – try yourself! Projects – "My native land"! A large exhibition of paintings by artists of the Belgorod region, with the possibility of purchase! 30.07.22. Round building 10.00 – 12.30.

On August 4, 2022, the holiday is the Birthday of the sanatorium – a solemn meeting of the sanatorium staff in the concert hall, honoring veterans, planting a commemorative juniper alley, opening of a commemorative plaque for the 50th anniversary of the sanatorium. 19.00 - Cocktail party, open-air concert!

Phone inquiries:
8(47246) 33-130 - booking department.
8(47246) 33-145 - cultural and entertainment center.

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Opening of the beach season 2022

Dear guests of the sanatorium, since June 6, the water park and the swimming pool of the sanatorium are closed for annual maintenance. The preliminary opening date is June 27.

For the summer period, the bathing season officially opens and vacationers have the opportunity to visit our beach.

The beach is equipped with sun beds, changing rooms, shade canopies.There is a first aid station and a lifeguard.

You can take a ride on a catamaran or a boat.

Photo of the sanatorium Catamarans and boats on
Sanatorium photo Sun beds closer

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Relax in a sanatorium at prices of 2021

The sanatorium "Krasivo" has decided to change the approach to the pricing of sanatorium vouchers.

Now in our sanatorium there is a period of low season and high. The low season lasts from January 10 to April 30 and from November 1 to December 25.

The cost of a ticket in the low season does not increase and remains at the level of 2021. Now you have the opportunity to relax in our sanatorium at the prices of 2021.

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The work of the sanatorium for the New Year holidays of 2022

Dear vacationers, the sanatorium "Krasivo" invites you to spend the New Year's weekend with health benefits.

Working days of the sanatorium (procedures are carried out): January 3, 4, 5, 6. On December 31 and January 8, the sanatorium operates according to the Saturday schedule - only the procedures of the water and mud baths are released.

A medical post with a doctor on duty works around the clock, seven days a week.

We have everything in the sanatorium for a full-fledged family holiday.

A SPA with a wide range of treatments, a water park with a swimming pool, a gym are available for you.

On the territory of the sanatorium there is a rental point of equipment: sleds, cheesecakes, skis.

There is a common barbecue area, a zoo.

Arrival of vacationers is carried out seven days a week from 8.00 to 20.00.

We remind you that the admission of vacationers to the sanatorium is made in the presence of the following documents:

  1. QR code confirming receipt of the second component of the vaccine or a single-component vaccine against a new coronavirus infection;
    1. or a certificate confirming that a citizen moved novel coronavirus infection and the date of its recovery was not more than 6 months;
    2. or the result of testing for SARS-CoV-2 PCR, carried out not earlier than 2 days before visits;
    3. or availability of information (medical exemption) on the presence of medical contraindications to vaccination.
  2. certificate of the epidenvironment (issued at the polyclinic at the place of residence, it indicates that the person has not been in contact with infectious patients for the last 14 days).
  3. spa card;
  4. CHI policy;
  5. passport;

You can book a room and get advice on any questions by calling 8(47246) 33-130

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New Year's Eve in the sanatorium

Dear friends! Frost will strike very soon, snowflakes will swirl, and we will all look forward to the most magical, most fabulous night of the year. Of course, it is necessary to spend the old year and meet the new one in the circle of the closest and dearest.

The NOOSPHERE restaurant invites you to have fun and have fun in a cozy, festive atmosphere at the New Year's table.The ringing of glasses filled with sparkling champagne, cheerful communication, a bright program, contests, dizzying dances, entertainment, sincere congratulations and unforgettable emotions are waiting for you.

Come to the celebration of the New Year in the Sanatorium "Krasivo"!

New Year's Eve cost:

  • adult – 4900 rubles.
  • children's – 3700 rubles.

The time of the New Year 's program is from 22-00 to 3-00 hours .

You can book a table by phone: 8(47246) 33-130

Have a QR code, an identity document, or a certificate (medical certificate) about the presence of medical contraindications to vaccination.

New Year's menu

  1. Meat plate (pork, sausage house., chicken roll)
  2. Plateau of bacon with mustard
  3. Fish duo(pink salmon, salmon with/with)
  4. Vegetable bouquet(fresh tomato,fresh cucumber,bolg pepper,greens)
  5. Mushrooms from a barrel
  6. Salad"Quail's nest"
  7. Liver balls in sesame
  8. Mushrooms stuffed with chicken
  9. Dorado with cheese crust
  10. Pork with cranberry sauce with baked potatoes
  11. Fruit vase (tangerines, kiwi, grapes)
  12. Dessert "Royal"
  13. Bread
  14. Juices in the assortment
  15. Mineral water "Beautifully" gas/non-gas
  16. Natural Espresso coffee
  17. Tea


Abrau-Durso champagne 0.375 l

Cognac "Armenian" three-year 0.25 l

Children's New Year's menu

  1. Meat plate (pork, sausage house., chicken roll)
  2. Fish duo(pink salmon, salmon with/with)
  3. Vegetable bouquet(fresh tomato,fresh cucumber,Bulgarian pepper,greens)
  4. Salad"Quail's nest"
  5. Liver balls in sesame
  6. Mushrooms stuffed with chicken
  7. Dorado with cheese crust
  8. Pork with cranberry sauce with baked potatoes
  9. Fruit vase (tangerines, kiwi, grapes)
  10. Dessert "Royal"
  11. Bread
  12. Juices in the assortment
  13. Mineral water "Beautifully" gas/non-gas
  14. Tea

Photo of the sanatorium Dance floor - view from the 2nd floor
Photo of the sanatorium Christmas tree on the 1st floor
Sanatorium photo View from the second floor
Photo of the sanatorium Hall for 12 people
Photo of the sanatorium Hall for 8 people
Photo of the sanatorium Hall for 6 persons

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