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  • Spa services
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  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Therapeutic treatment
  • Catering
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  • Pool and water park services
  • Specialist consultations
  • Functional diagnostics
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Dear vacationers, the sanatorium is operating normally! Due to the growing international tension, additional security measures have been taken in the sanatorium. Admission of patients to the sanatorium is made in the presence of:

  1. passports;
    1. for foreign citizens — passport, visa and migration card, other documents in the cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. SNILS
  3. медицинского полиса;
  4. health resort card;

To book a room and get advice on any questions, please contact us by phone 8 800 5555-393

To be treated in a sanatorium

Of course, it’s better not to get sick. Alas, nobody succeeds. But it is necessary to monitor health. Unique equipment, the latest techniques, qualified doctors, caring nurses, all this for the guests of our sanatorium. To be beautifully and effectively treated means to be treated in "Beautifully!"

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Relax in a sanatorium

Rest is necessary! Proven by science. Take a steam bath or swim, read while sitting with your feet in a soft chair or go to a disco, ride a bike or go to a bath with friends, eat deliciously and just do nothing - everyone has a favorite way to relax. And when you feel the urge to do something, it will become clear that it’s nice to relax - it’s relax in “Beautiful”!

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Cottages for rent

The sanatorium "Krasivo" offers its guests to rent a cottage among the pine forest, not far from its own landscaped sandy beach on the Vorskla River. It offers a choice of three-, four-, six-, eight-, and ten-person houses with a stylish interior made of wooden logs or stone.

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Work in a sanatorium

At the service of those who wish to work on vacation is the innovative business center of the sanatorium. This is the place where the conditions for self-development of the person are created. A large hall for holding congresses, conferences, seminars, international meetings, forums and events of any level is presented to everyone.

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World Heart Day
World Heart Day was first organized in 1999 on the initiative of the World Heart Federation (WFS). It is an international organization that unites patients, doctors and scientists dealing with medical problems into a global community to combat cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The VFS promotes the fundamental right of every inhabitant of the planet to a healthy heart, to receive information about cardiovascular risks and medical care.World Heart Day is a global campaign in which individuals, families, communities and governments around the world participate in activities aimed at taking care of the health of their hearts and the health of others. Through this campaign, the World Heart Federa...
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Week of physical therapy
Physiotherapy Week is a professional holiday celebrated in Russia from 08 to 24 September. The information campaign is designed to highlight the importance and contribution of physiotherapists to healthcare, as well as to increase public awareness of the role of physiotherapy in medical practice. Physiotherapy is a medical discipline that uses physical methods of treatment to improve the health of patients and is very popular in the sanatorium "Beautifully". The idea to establish a holiday arose on the initiative of the International Confederation of Physiotherapy, in 1951, in order to recognize the important role of physiotherapy in medical practice and increase the prestige of this prof...
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World Patient Safety Day in 2023
The Ministry of Health of Russia, together with the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare in Russia, has planned events dedicated to the World Patient Safety Day in 2023. The holiday will be celebrated from September 11 to September 27, taking into account the most important contribution of patients, their family members and caregivers to ensuring the safety of medical care.The topic is formulated as "Increasing the role of patients in the safe provision of medical care." Partnerships with patients in the provision of care can significantly improve patient safety and satisfaction. By actively participating in decision-making by medical specialists, the patient can not only help en...
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Healthy nutrition is the basis of prosperity
The main factor of spa treatment is a healthy diet. Throughout a person's life, it is an essential element of preserving and strengthening the health of current and future generations, as well as a condition for achieving active longevity. The justified choice of diet, the quality of food and the methods of their culinary processing, calorie content, makes nutrition a powerful therapeutic factor. The valuable project "Healthy nutrition is the basis of prosperity" is a useful information campaign for vacationers using mass media, conversations, leaflets, booklets, films prepared by the doctors of the sanatorium. During this week, we offer to watch videos about the importance of a healthy l...
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Phytotherapy Holiday
Government agencies can reveal the secret of life to you (Hippocrates)Ethotherapy is a treatment with your favorite herbs. Even in ancient times, people collected various herbs, plant flowers, berry fruits and brewed them, because they saw the therapeutic effect of infusions and decoctions. Modern herbal medicine in the sanatorium is a repeatedly tested and effective way to treat a number of diseases. With certain complications, this method becomes the only one available for healing patients of all ages. The ecological purity of herbal preparations allows them to be used without fear of toxins causing side effects. Good traditions and totalitarianism have been living with us for many cent...
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Reception Hours:

Литвин Евгений Юрьевич директор, с 09:00 до 17:00

8(47246) 5-08-04

Паньков Александр Сергеевич – и.о. главного врача, с 09:00 до 13:00

8(47246) 5-35-51

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Reviews of the sanatorium


09:16, 30 сентября 2022.

Many thanks to the director and all the staff of the sanatorium for a great rest. I liked absolutely everything: the complex of procedures, friendly staff, the rooms are good, the territory is beautiful, well-maintained, the food is very tasty and varied! A great place to get healthier, relax and gain strength!


10:51, 10 декабря 2022.

I had a rest in the sanatorium "Beautifully" in early November of this year. It's nice to note that the atmosphere here is calm, businesslike. I would like to thank the doctors for their kind, professional attitude to vacationers. Sincerely, G.P. Voitenko Honorary citizen of Belgorod.


05:05, 12 марта 2023.

I have repeatedly rested in this wonderful sanatorium and plan to undergo treatment in the future. Thanks to the staff of the sanatorium and the medical staff for the rest, for the treatment, for the cleanliness in the rooms and on the territory. The medical staff at the sanatorium are attentive, polite and friendly! And nature and the air are something special. The territory is simply gorgeous, pine forest, well-groomed territory, two zoos are all above all praise! The events held (concerts, performances of artists, films) are beyond praise. Everything was wonderful. But there is a small fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey - this is the absence of a mark in the custom menu of recommended dishes for diabetics and the voicing of events in the assembly hall (the volume is such that you go deaf). The quality of custom-made dishes is at the highest level, delicious and in a good assortment. The only wish is to highlight (mark) dishes for diabetics, but everyone is familiar with dietetics and knows which dishes are contraindicated (undesirable) for diabetics. Previously, the menu was marked bs (without sugar). So that the client of the sanatorium makes the decision to choose a dish on his own responsibility and does not solve the cause of the increase in sugar.