Sanatorium "Krasivo"

309360, Russia, Belgorod region, Borisov district, x. Nikolsky, 1a.

How to get to the sanatorium


You can use the "Transfer" service provided by the sanatorium. You can get additional information by calling by phone: 8 (47246) 33-130

By bus

  • 1By bus "Belgorod - Grayvoron" to the stop "Beautiful", then on duty transport sanatorium;
  • 2By bus "Belgorod - Grayvoron" to the stop "Borisovka", then by bus "Borisovka-Khotmyzhsk" (departure at 14:00) to the stop "sanatorium Krasivo", further on duty transport sanatorium;

By car from Belgorod

By car from Belgorod, through Tomarovka on the bypass road near Borisovka to the sanatorium "Krasivo".

By car from Moscow

By car along the M2 "Crimea" highway to the village of Stroitel, then along Zaitseva street to the P186 highway, then continue along the highway without entering Borisovka to the Krasivo sanatorium;

Online booking under construction ...

You can book a room by phone 8 (47246) 33-130