Mineral water "Beautiful"

In the Russian Federation every second inhabitant is forced to use for drinking purposes the water is not appropriate for a number of indicators of hygienic requirements. Almost a third of the population uses decentralised water sources without appropriate medical training. Reorganization of sanitary-epidemiological control is unlikely to contribute to reduce this figure. The gap between Russia and developed countries in life expectancy and high mortality to a certain extent associated with the consumption of substandard drinking water.

One example of providing the population with ecologically clean drinking water - the organization of production for the extraction and bottling of mineral water in the Regional state health institution "Sanatorium "Beautifully".  In the strata of the rocks of the Jurassic period, for many thousands of years at a depth of 680 meters formed a unique composition of mineral water. A balanced composition, the energy of thousands of years finally raised up to a powerful supply of energy, healthy wave vibrations have rendered the service of man, helping to restore healthy biological rhythms.

According to chemical - analytical studies of the Russian scientific centre of restorative medicine and balneology Ministry of health of Russia mineral water "Beautiful" refers to the brackish water type is hydro carbonate-chloride-sodium. Being almost a full analogue of the famous water "Ramlosa" (Sweden). Mineral water "Beautiful" contains two times more potassium, which plays an important role in the prevention of treatment of heart disease and contains natural fluoride, despite the fact that global manufacturers for the purpose of prevention of the deficit of fluoride artificially foryouth mineral water.

Optimal mineral content in the mineral water "Beautiful" allows the body to restore the alkaline reserve of blood, to soften the terms of the progression of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, to create conditions to prevent the formation of stones in the gallbladder, urinary tract, especially when oxaluria, gout. Long-term use of water contributes to the spontaneous removal of sand and small stones from kidneys and bladder, it is widely used in cosmetology. The composition of the water has been very successful for deep cleansing of the intestine. The PH of the intestine and the PH of the water is close and with it arises the subsequent effect of leaching of protective microflora and mucus, and as a result there are no complications after the procedure.  

the softness of the water allows its use as a component for making masks in cosmetology, effective cryotherapy of the skin of the face and neck cubes of frozen water. Possessing unique natural bio-energy, water promotes rejuvenation and stimulates the body's immune system. 

recently in "Beautiful" has solved the problem of the elimination of iodine deficiency. On the basis of mineral water is manufactured iodized drink that contains natural dry extract of brown algae. The preparation of iodized water "Beautiful" is the most successful solution for elimination of iodine deficiency, more gentle and unique, rather than iodized salt. The drink is in great demand, both within the region and far beyond. Iodized drink "Beautiful," the winner of competition "100 best goods of Russia" 2007, repeatedly awarded in international forums. Using their years of experience, from January 2009, the sanatorium started production of iodized drink at 18.9 liter polycarbonate bottles.

Featuring a unique natural bio-energy, original formula mineral water "Beautiful" does not require add-ons, since water is originally pure and has a balanced chemical composition, because when bottling the water passes only system of a mechanical filter, preventing the ingress into bottles soil particles. Water extraction, the new development takes place without contact with air and iron, which eliminates the ingress into it of germs. The filling process is treated with UV light and enriched with silver ions.

In modern ecologically adverse conditions, the majority of people it is useful to periodically drink mineral water "Beautiful" and reduce the load on the liver and kidneys, choleretic ways and the cardiovascular system.

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