Sanatorium services

Outdoor activities

In a sanatorium created the conditions for an active holiday. Summer tennis courts, an indoor sports hall, a large variety and versatility of exercise equipment in gyms. A huge gaming center with pool and tennis tables, a swimming pool.

Unusually picturesque shores of the true gems of the mountains — the river Vorskla. In this you can see for yourself by riding in a boat at sunset of a summer day.

You will enjoy bathing in the river, from beach volleyball, badminton or just sunbathing on the sandy beach.

For the feeling of freshness and vitality, we offer breathing exercises for Strelnikova in Sosnovy Bor.

The Park

we Invite You to the Waterpark! For you pools with the purest water of different temperatures, sauna, steam room, swimming lanes, and much more.

the interiors of the Park abound with plants, caves, waterfalls.

Bowls of pools filled with mineral water from a deep source located in the territory of the sanatorium. Bathing in mineral water provides a tired body with missing trace: To and MD.

function At the aquapark:

  • Underwater massage is pure bliss for muscles and joints
  • Jacuzzi — therapy and bubble massage, has a beneficial effect on the shape
  • Umbrella Falls — descending jet of water
  • Attraction "Geyser", which rises from the depths of the pool
  • "Countercurrent" movement of water, creating the effect of swimming on the spot. Flow rate of about 1m/sec.
  • a Local aquatic massage which can be carried out independently.

the Attentive and professional staff ensures You a pleasant stay and an unforgettable experience!


the Sanatorium "Krasivo" has its own comfortable beach. It is well equipped: locker rooms, personal deck chairs, sun loungers, gazebos, outdoor cafes.

rental: hydro, boats, catamarans, water motorcycles. You can have fun on a water trampoline, water slide.


Winter garden is the pride of the sanatorium "Krasivo". Established in 2002, it managed to grow, to get stronger and become one of the best in the region and, without exaggeration, one of the best in Central Russia. Exotic plants fill the room with tropical flavors (volatile, as they are called specialists), banana trees, and reader, arrowroot, palm trees, Australian Fig trees, Japanese cherry, Magnolia.

In this Paradise, without leaving the resort, you can enjoy these plants that grow, for example, only in Australia or Latin America. In terrariums that are installed in the Winter garden live iguanas.

On the second floor of the Winter garden is a juice bar.


you can admire the wonders and beauties of nature.At the zoo sanatorium contained not only conventional for an average strip of Russia animals such as bears, ducks, swans, but also exotic places for our ostriches and peacocks. And also cranes and swans, ornamental pigeons and the amazing colour pheasants, Canaries and parrots, the lake was chosen by ducks and swans.

The Path

Hiking — the activity is enjoyable and simple. Trips to nature experience for those who wish to go on a leisurely and safe Hiking route. The path is provided with traffic information, the routes will help You plan experienced guides. Taking a bike, you can make diverse and fascinating journey.

the pump room

we Invite You to visit the pump-room of "the Forestry source".

Here You can:

  • Enjoy the flavor of ecologically pure natural mineral water "Krasivo".
  • to Buy products of Borisov factory of art ceramics.
  • to Buy calendars, calendars, diaries, postcards and other printed products with the image of the sanatorium "Krasivo".

Delight your loved ones with memorable gifts from unique corners of Russia — sanatorium "Krasivo"!


If You want to get an idea about the beauty of the Belgorod region, we invite You on the tour. The tour program is diverse and informative. The routes pass through the memorable places of the Holy BELOGORIYA. It is a heritage centre in the village of Prokhorovka (on the third battlefield of Russia) nature reserve "Belogorie", the Church of the Resurrection Hotmassage of the settlement, the Church of the Archangel Michael, with its unique marble iconostasis and many others.


When the evening comes, you can have fun in the disco bar, dancing all night to modern rhythms. Here, time does not just go by, but pulsates furiously, a powerful sound and light makes the blood run faster, and the breathing becomes faster. In the bar you can enjoy wonderful cocktails, desserts or just have a cup of fragrant coffee.

Additional services

the resort features a guarded Parking lot, shop, rental of sports equipment.