Seminars and conferences in the sanatorium

We are happy to help our guests with seminars and conferences.

The sanatorium "Beautifully" has excellent conditions for conferences, seminars, presentations, meetings of any level, celebrations, celebrations. Organizations and collectives of the region are happy to use the services provided by "Beautifully". The concert hall accommodates 200 people, there is also an opportunity to demonstrate video films, slides. The hall is equipped with a modern acoustic system, excellent sound reinforcement.

The possibility of office work is provided, two conference halls are equipped, a hall for VIP negotiations, an Internet cafe works. There is a stable mobile connection throughout the sanatorium and beyond.

The sanatorium's restaurant will delight you with a luxurious selection of snacks, drinks, hot and cold dishes, coffee breaks and business lunches are provided. The participants of your event will have at their disposal the entire entertainment complex of the sanatorium — billiard rooms, sauna, bar, disco, video salon, winter garden, sports grounds, swimming pool. Add comfortable accommodation (for multi—day events) and the conclusion suggests itself - it is difficult to find a better place for your event.

For seminars, conferences and other events on the territory of the sanatorium "Beautifully", please contact phone 8(47246)5-08-04, 8(800)55-55-393.