Treatment in a sanatorium

Sanatorium "Krasivo" is a modern health complex. We treat cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction, after operations on the heart, we specialize in for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system, respiratory system. Sanatorium has well equipped therapeutic and diagnostic base.

In the treatment combines traditional and non-traditional methods of Spa treatment. The sanatorium is rich in diagnostic and medical base. "Krasivo" is equipped with excellent medical equipment, including unique medical devices. For example, a densitometer — a machine that determines bone density. The Department of hyperbaric oxygenation is hyperbaric chambers, normalizing metabolism, production of hormones and vitamins. To services of vacationers speleological chamber in which the walls, floor and ceiling tiled potassium salt.

Even a few days spent in "Nice", give healing effect. In sanatorium apply therapeutic and rehabilitation programs, including research-based, effective complexes the Spa treatments, designed to address specific health problems.

Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy is one of the main non-drug methods of rehabilitation in the sanatorium. For each patient, an individual rehabilitation complex.

the Cabinet of physiotherapy:

  • Aeroionotherapy.
  • Galvanization and electrophoresis.
  • Darsonvalization and therapy currents of low frequency.
  • Pulse currents (DDT, CMT).
  • Inhalation using an ultrasonic inhaler.
  • Laser.
  • Magnetic therapy.
  • Microwave therapy.
  • low-frequency and high-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy.
  • Pneumomassage of the limb.
  • UHF.
  • Ozone.

Balneological Department

Methods balneotherapy:

Baths: contrast, radon, coniferous-sea, pearl, iodine-bromine, turpentine, vortex for arms and legs, four-chamber galvanic bath Electra, "phyto barrels" (hay sitz baths), dry steam and carbon dioxide baths, radon baths dry.

Hydro: soul-shape, circular, sharko, ascending, "Vichy" shower, underwater shower-massage, vortical massage of the limbs.

Therapeutic Department.

In the therapy Department conducts health resort treatment of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems, musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation of pregnant women with a perinatal pathology in 12 – 28 weeks.

For each patient is offered an individual plan of sanatorium – resort treatment. Assigned diet therapy, herbal medicine, exercise therapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, physiotherapy, massage.

Patients are under constant medical supervision. At discharge from the sanatorium each patient receives a statement showing the results of examination, treatment and recommendations.

Department of physical therapy and massage

Tools of physical therapy and massage are an important topic in complex treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

  • Department of physical therapy offers an excellent base and all necessary equipment for treatment and rest:
  • Large sports hall.
  • physical therapy Rooms for individual lessons.
  • Outdoor tennis courts, a modern artificial grass pitch.
  • Open areas for volleyball, badminton, basketball, the game of skittles.
  • Three gym with various exercise machines, vibrating chair.
  • Indoor swimming 25-metre mineral water pool.
  • water Park with three bowls and water rides.
  • Finnish, Russian, Turkish baths.
  • Sports pavilion with changing rooms and showers for patient care, playing sports and games outdoors. In winter, the pavilion works for lovers of skating and skiing.
  • rental (bicycles, roller skates, skis, skates).
  • the Boathouse for those who wish to ride in a boat, water bike.
  • Medical beach, equipped with changing rooms, sunshades, sunbeds for taking air and sun baths, with a beach pavilion (medical center, lifeguard, bar), a beach volleyball court.
  • 10 massage rooms (classic massage, reflex massage).
  • Terrenkury trails from 1 km to 5 km, equipped with gazebos, benches.

diagnostic-Treatment Department

the Department is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, which allows conducting the full study of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems (see diagnostics).

Therapeutic division offices include the offices of:

Orthopedics-traumatology, manual therapy

In the office of the orthopedist-traumatologist.vrajamandala therapy carried out consultative reception of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system(osteoarthritis, dorsopathy etc.), treatments of manual therapy. After a course of manual therapy in the sanatorium "Beautifully" improving the movement of the intervertebral joints and the ligaments and muscles become more elastic. The effect occurs both at the individual vertebrae, and entire sections of the spine. Therapy becomes more effective when it is combined with physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic exercise.


In the Cabinet of endocrinologist consultation for identifying and resolving problems with the functioning of the endocrine system. The competence endocrinologist diseases such as:

  • diabetes
  • thyroid disease
  • obesity
  • diseases of the adrenal glands
  • system disturbances of calcium metabolism
  • diseases, appearing on the background of violations of secretion of hormones by the pituitary gland of hypothalamus

the endocrinologist will make the diagnosis taking into account the rationality of a method, analyze the results obtained in the survey and laboratory studies to establish the clinical diagnosis, plan of treatment and observation. Great importance is paid to identification of risk factors for the development of diabetes in patients and its prevention.


the resort has two psychologists. The offices of psychologists are equipped with modern equipment for conducting a session of relaxation with audio and video relaxation programs. The rehabilitation Department is functioning sensory room. Psychologists conduct a consultative reception of patients with psychosomatic, behavioral, and personal problems; neurotic disorders, depressive and anxiety States, vegetative-vascular paroxysms (panic attacks). Conducted psychological testing (TAR, SMIL, Luscher test, etc.).


the dentist's Office is equipped with the latest dental units.

the following methods:

  • dental Treatment with anesthesia.
  • Aesthetic fillings.
  • Restoration of teeth using anchor pins.
  • teeth Whitening with the use of the device "T-Flow".
  • the Sanitation of the oral cavity (in addition to the main course of sanatorium-resort treatment).

There is a well equipped office periodontics treating gum disease.

Gynecology and urology

Classrooms are equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which allows not only to carry out consultations and diagnosis but also release therapeutic procedures: magnetoterapia, electrical stimulation, laser treatment.

training courses

leech therapy is a method of stimulating transport of lymph, restoring microcirculation, has immunostimulant, bacteriostatic, and a number of other effects. The secret of salivary glands of leeches secreted into the bloodstream in the process of bloodsucking is a source of unique biologically active substances (first and foremost is gerodie), which provide protevorevmaticescoe, a higher thrombolytic effect, hypotensive, restorative effect on a damaged wall of a blood vessel, anti-atherogenic, antihypoxic, immunostimulating, analgesic effect.

the sanatorium has developed and successfully applied a method of girudoterapii, that is, the effect of medicinal leeches on the points of acupuncture. The method used to relieve bronchial asthma attacks and the treatment of hypertension.

Department of hyperbaric oxygenation

Hyperbaric oxygenation(HBO) is a method of applying oxygen under high pressure for therapeutic purposes. Is carried out in hyperbaric pressure chambers.

the Department has two therapeutic hyperbaric chambers BLKS-303 MK.

Hyperbaric oxygenation as a method of treatment effective in acute and chronic arterial insufficiency, chronic coronary insufficiency,diseases of Central nervous system, endocrine pathology, to maintain pregnancy, various poisoning, etc. Has antihypoxic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, immunocorrective, detoxifying effect.


In a sanatorium provided 6 meals a day.

the Doctor dietolog advises patients and tailor therapeutic diet. The resort provides nutrition therapy for the following diseases:

  • Obesity.
  • diabetes.
  • peptic Ulcer of stomach and duodenum.
  • Chronic gastritis.
  • irritable bowel Syndrome.
  • Chronic colitis.
  • Chronic cholecystitis.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.
  • Ischemic heart disease.
  • Hypertension.
  • Chronic heart failure.
  • Dyslipidemia.
  • Gout.
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Allergic conditions.

the dietician monitors the correct observance of technology of preparation of dietary dishes, their quality and chemical composition.

business office:

  • beautician (face, body)
  • hairdresser (all types of services)
  • classic manicure
  • pedicure
  • waxing
  • paraffin
  • massage therapist

Use professional cosmetic line:

  • STYX