Марина 21:36, 05 February 2019.
Thank you to the staff and workers for rest, for care, for good food , clean rooms and grounds. Yes , the prices may seem high, but it's worth it. Sisters on procedures - all as on selection of the beautiful and the good. All very polite and friendly! I'm very glad that, finally, had an ultrasound and all that I wanted and dispelled all my anxiety. A week in the sanatorium went swimming, walked through the woods, got a charge of vivacity and good mood! Thank YOU ALL for All the staff of the resort! come again!
Татьяна 08:50, 22 December 2018.
The impression of rest and treatment in sanatorium "Beautiful" are excellent.Was with his sister 10 days from 5 to 15 December.The service, food, living conditions at the highest level. To visit once again, but rates for retirees high.Staff congratulations with the coming New year.
Татьяна 08:32, 22 December 2018.
Super! All at the highest level.More such resorts in Russia.
Валентина 17:45, 20 August 2018.
Had a rest in "Beautiful" in August 2018. I want to mention is spotlessly clean and tidy, friendly staff, proper treatment and wonderful food. Feel wise thanks which is so thoughtful leadership and responsive health care for holidaymakers ranging from high level of comfort and ending with highly qualified medical aid. Got a lot of pleasant impressions of the rest. With gratitude and respect, family Galewski, Belgorod.
Alina 13:16, 16 May 2018.
Hello! Rest and treatment in sanatorium "Beautiful" was wonderful. I enjoyed it and hope to return next year.
Елена 11:30, 13 May 2018.
Our family annually for several years, arrives at the sanatorium "Beautifully" under Belgorod. Beautiful nature, clean comfortable accommodation, good medical base, etc. But the most important is the friendly staff. The reservation Department work with the wonderful young women Tatiana and Oksana, who are professional, friendly and informal approach to solving emerging issues, and because people come different. Never heard of them negative, anger - always unfailingly polite and calm. Do not just turned to him with questions outside their competence, but they never refused to help. A huge thanks to them and best wishes. Also a big thanks to the Director of nursing, thanks to her skillful leadership of such people. The grateful family of Muscovites of Elena and Michael.
Лина Яковлевна 11:26, 09 May 2018.
I sincerely want to thank the entire staff of the sanatorium "Beautifully" for the attentive, responsive and professional attitude to the guests!!! I wish you strong health, success in all undertakings, new ideas in Your hard work!!! Very good rest, improved their health, gain strength!!! And with impatience I will wait for new meetings in this beautiful and cosy resort!!! Thank you for everything!!! Sincerely, Lviv Lena Yakovlevna.
Ольга 18:00, 18 January 2018.
Vacationing with a child in January 2018. Special thanks go to miracle massage therapist Andrew Serkova - pain in the back. The child was coughing, I thank our doctor for the correct destination. Nurses at the baths helped to soothe the child during procedures.
Анна 13:49, 24 December 2017.
Vacationing with his mother in the sanatorium in September 2017. This is not our first visit to Nice. This year we got just to the wonderful Dr. Pavlov S. P. Such an attentive, professional and kind, communicative doctor we have not seen. Sergey, thank You very much!!! Thank you and all the medical and support staff. All very friendly, attentive. The territory of the sanatorium is just gorgeous. Thanks again, family Vladykina.
Ольга 10:11, 29 November 2017.
A lot of positive reviews previously heard about sanatorium, this year I decided to check and did not regret! The staff, doctors, conditions-perfect! I am 32, I live in Voronezh, but love to relax in a quiet place in nature where you can rejuvenate yourself to hear, to stop the frantic pace and relax. Thanks to all the staff of the sanatorium for the atmosphere that you create with their work. Special thanks and want to say hi to a psychologist, Natalia Alexandrovna! Thank You for the sessions of art therapy, counseling, and sensory room. I recommend to all!!! I wish prosperity to your resort, the staff good health, pleasure from work, financial prosperity and great campers. Thank you for Your work! PS And a special thank you for the alley swings)))))
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