Маргарита 15:11, 17 May 2017.
Just returned from the resort Beautiful. Impressions of the sea. In 1988, he was in a sanatorium in Jurmala, Latvia. Well, jūrmala faded in comparison. If someone doesn't believe-check. If I had the opportunity to visit again in Beautiful. The place is great, the air is intoxicating, a wonderful holiday, treatment and service at the highest level!!!
Татьяна 20:07, 06 May 2017.
Thank you for treatment and recreation. The resort has the opportunity to receive beauty treatments - plazmolifting, mesotherapy and others. Happy with the results. Recommend
Тамара 18:06, 12 March 2017.
Relax in your wonderful resort for six consecutive years. It is like the first case.Nice, helpful, attentive staff to other motels do not go, is fine with me. Thank you all.
Guest 20:23, 04 March 2017.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to relax, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Beautiful resort! Beautiful nature, excellent conditions! Delicious and healthy food! And what is very important - all the resort staff are very friendly, and it is not the duty of courtesy, and sincere participation. Thanks again!
Guest 16:13, 02 March 2017.
the sanatorium as sanatorium for the treatment.. and no more who wants going out and having fun is not here
Алла 19:28, 30 January 2017.
In August 2016 rested for the first time in this beautiful sanatorium. Thank you to the staff for a lovely stay and a positive mood! Come to patients, and leave forgetting about injuries. You have this great work. Caring about people is great! You professionals - in its place. THANK you!
Галина Русакова Латвия 10:16, 23 January 2017.
Hello!! In the beginning of the new 2017 I rested and treated in this beautiful resort - loved it! nature, air and treatment can work wonders, left healthy and happy, thank you all for rest and treatment!
Шабалин Сергей 16:18, 14 January 2017.
Hello! In early December I had a rest and was treated in the sanatorium. I would like to share my impressions about this resort. The doctors and staff very helpful personally treat everyone very kindly. The dining room is very nice girls. And wish you a good appetite and even my friend who was my escort had a birthday, brought a cake and congratulated. Overall, very good impressions and memories of the sanatorium is Beautiful! Really I want to go there! It was probably the best my 18 days! Thank you to all the staff of the sanatorium.
Марина 18:44, 11 January 2017.
Vacationing with her husband in a sanatorium on Christmas vacation. Lived in the main building. All very much, did not want to leave. The new year was celebrated in the restaurant "Noosphere", was interesting , fun and worthy. Great presenters and really enjoyed the dance numbers. Treatment - the staff is wonderful, helpful. With rudeness or indifference are not met. Ate in the restaurant, were served by the waiters. Also left a good impression. Every evening, played the saxophone. Separately want to thank the neurologist and employees of SPA treatments and podotherapie. Well done girls! I'd like to come to Your resort! Thank you all !!!
Александра 17:35, 29 December 2016.
Hello. Already became a habit, a good habit, every New Year to meet in the sanatorium "Beautifully". Our family likes everything: cultural and entertainment programme organised by the club resort, and delicious food in the restaurant; and the whole-the whole staff of the resort. But there is one "But". Each year the resort is decorated the same and tasteless! Does Your designer have enough creative ideas to make everything beautiful and worthy??? What is the installation at the entrance to the main building of the sanatorium? White iridescent Christmas iron deer with iron boxes-gifts..bear, which here and there climbs..And the thing is...why is it all worth together? Maybe individually it would have looked, but next to each other these elements of the decor does not match. And the snowmen that stand from year to year at the door of the main building, just kill with that look. So I hope that next year The Best resort to meet us in a new, comfortable, appropriate attire!
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