Марина Чернова, г. Губкин 08:31, 08 July 2015.
Returned from the sanatorium June 30, 2015. All very fine. Rested 10 days with my husband. Was immediately struck by the beauty, grooming, cleanliness. Politely and quickly we have drawn up in the waiting room a young man, explained everything, because we were here for the first time. In the dining room-the restaurant, the administrator took us to the 2nd floor to our table. explained how to order. it was so nice to communicate with her. Every day coming to the restaurant, we invariably heard, "Good morning" and "Bon appetit." Girls waitresses are very polite, especially remember the waitress who served our table. She played all our requests quickly and with a smile, with her lunch turned into a lovely meal. The food is very tasty, abundant and healthy. Thank you. The procedures that we have appointed a qualified endocrinologist, was just taking into account medical indications. She treated us with great attention, understanding, and respect. I came home a new person. support for health is very beautiful. Thanks to the psychologist, his office is attended with pleasure. Sessions of anger management with a jade mask really helped to restore the psycho-emotional state. A wonderful and interesting woman psychologist. The room we had was good. always clean, on the table krasivsky minutes the water in the bathroom shower gel, shower cap, soap, dental kit, sewing kit. A trifle, but nice. Duty to the body very pleasant. We were received and escorted one and the same shift. On duty at the reception in the building 2 wished us health and good journey, and invited again to visit their resort. I guess we'll do that. Will definitely come here next summer, to maintain your health, to relax, again to visit the zoo, water Park with hydro massage (very good, efficiency is huge) and walk around terenkara. Thank you all for a pleasant stay in a wonderful area of our region.
Николай 13:21, 02 July 2015.
Nice resort, had a rest in June, just not very comfortable from the loud music on site, the beautiful nature.
Лариса, Белгород 13:05, 25 June 2015.
Rested and treated in early June. Immediately noted the politeness, tact employees (from reception), 14 day, no case of rudeness, brutality. The impression is that people always come to work with a good mood and this is affecting the treatment. Impressed diagnostic facilities, qualified medical staff and the treatment that we were prescribed. the food in the restaurant was either a La carte (need to order 1-2 days in advance), everything is always freshly prepared and beautifully served, taking into account medical indications (diet tables). Huge and well maintained territory, peace and quiet, which are so necessary for a city person.
Ирина 07:59, 04 June 2015.
Rest the whole family to enjoy. Like everything. But there is hope. 1. on site don't have common toilets area is large, a lot of people with children. Walk to the main building or the beach, sometimes very far away. Check the toilets! 2. All European sanatoriums take a rest with small Pets. And You?
Олег, г. Курск 07:35, 04 June 2015.
Recreation for the whole family every year since 2009. Like everything. Nurses and staff are excellent. Instead, the restaurant can't complain, because there food meets certain dietary requirements. Want to order - go to the Noosphere.
Владимир, Воронежская область 09:37, 19 May 2015.
Rested at the end of March 2014, this year would like to get in early June. All employees with five points, territory - tale, on the playgrounds of tourists was not enough, maybe summer will be more, if negative - this is DJ bear with me music in the car bored. A great resort.
Марина 06:13, 06 May 2015.
In the sanatorium more than once, lived in a Junior Suite. I have something to compare, put the resort a five. As for the restaurant: the food was very tasty, I don't know that there could not like. Remember the rabbit in cream sauce, quail eggs, fresh honey (on the table daily). Cleanliness, flowers, attentive doctors, honey. staff. Advised to go there my friends, only good reviews. The air is amazing!!!
Наталья 15:06, 03 May 2015.
Rested 3 days with 30 to April 3. From the pros want to note the cleanliness in the resort , the cleanliness of the area, the Junior Suite single match photo! Walks are also great! Great location, great restaurant(had a Rest three days and do not understand why it is impossible to order what you want. For the fact it was called a restaurant, I really did not understand(((( regular dining room
Александр 06:55, 27 April 2015.
In the sanatorium all good and even excellent! But as always with a barrel of honey there is a tar spoon. I want to mention is not the right job of leading the disco, spinning the same music, the wish of tourists are ignored. Ask management to pay attention to it. Thanks in advance.
Черенкова О.А. 10:56, 20 April 2015.
The entire staff of the sanatorium "Beautifully" thank you very much for the attention, treatment and leisure. If anyone out, simply to hurt others. The work of all staff can be assessed as "excellent". In anticipation of all the holidays in may want to wish the entire team good health, health and prosperity! It's great that we have such a resort! With respect!
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