World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day

On September 7, 2022, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, together with the Federal Service for Healthcare Supervision in Russia, planned events dedicated to the World Patient Safety Day in 2022.

Unsafe methods of drug treatment and errors in the use of medicines are among the leading causes of preventable harm to patients in medical institutions around the world. Medication errors are allowed where systemic deficiencies in the organization of drug therapy, as well as human factors, such as fatigue, unsatisfactory working conditions or lack of staff, affect the correctness of prescribing, accounting, vacation, taking medications and monitoring their use, which in turn can cause serious harm to the patient, lead to disability or even death.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the risk of such errors and related harm. Taking into account the enormous burden of the damage caused, the theme of the World Patient Safety Day 2022 was formulated as "Safe use of medicines", and its slogan is "Medicines without harm".

As part of the World Patient Safety Day in the Russian Federation in 2022, the following events are planned:

The All-Russian competition "Quality Leader in Healthcare". The competition is held for teams of healthcare professionals who have implemented successful projects aimed at improving the quality and safety of medical activities.

Link to participate in the All-Russian competition "Quality leader in healthcare".

All-Russian Olympiad on Safety in Healthcare. The goal is to identify the level of competence of medical workers in various areas of ensuring the safety of medical activities.

Regulations on holding the All-Russian Olympiad on Safety in Healthcare.

Interactive survey of patients and medical professionals on current safety issues. The purpose of the interactive survey is to analyze awareness of priority issues related to safety in receiving and providing medical care.

Link to participate in an interactive survey for patients.

Link to participate in an interactive survey for medical professionals.

All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "International and Russian experience in ensuring drug safety"

Methodological materials for the preparation and holding of the World Patient Safety Day:

Booklet for medical professionals (printable format)

Booklet for patients (printable format)

Poster (format for printing and publication in electronic and paper sources of information)

Information help

Guidelines for the World Safety Day of Patients in 2022

Presentation for medical professionals

Presentation for patients