The thief of reason, or about the dangers of alcohol

The thief of reason, or about the dangers of alcohol
On August 25, an information and explanatory campaign on the topic "Combating dangerous alcohol consumption and reducing mortality from causes associated with dangerous alcohol consumption in the Russian Federation" was held in the sanatorium "Krasivo".

The acting chief physician of the sanatorium "Krasivo", Pankov Alexander Sergeevich initiated a round table on the problem of the risk of alcohol consumption. The doctors of the sanatorium have prepared booklets, leaflets and articles on the harm of alcohol consumption. The information was posted on social networks and in the media.

Volumes and encyclopedias have been written about the dangers of alcohol. And it is not surprising – the harm of alcohol in the scope of the whole country is estimated in billions of rubles, millions of ruined lives and millions of irretrievable losses. Alcohol has destroyed more than one talent, ruined more than one career. The benefits of alcohol against this background are generally absent.

But how not to reach this line? After all, every Russian, a moderate consumer of alcoholic beverages, knows about this opportunity to slide into the abyss. But after all, no one, absolutely no one, from completely drunk people has ever dreamed or planned such a fate for himself to become a slave to this bad habit of his, to slide into the abyss, and then die prematurely. If even to him, "at the dawn of misty youth," a lover of alcohol, but not yet an alcoholic or even a drunkard, someone arrives in a time machine from the future and tells him what awaits him, he will never believe it, but maybe he will be careful and reduce his ardor a little.

Let's add that alcohol affects all organs and systems. First of all, the nervous system and the brain suffer. In second place are pancreatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, which have already brought many to the hospital. On the third – lesions of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Remembering the dangers of alcohol, everyone should know what threatens him and draw appropriate conclusions.