Colon Cancer Prevention Week

Colon Cancer Prevention Week

Colon cancer (or colorectal cancer) ranks fourth among all malignant tumors. The disease begins with the appearance of a small focus, which can only be detected by colonoscopy. But in order to prevent the appearance and development of this formidable disease, it is important to engage in prevention. Therefore, the doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" took part in an information campaign, and prepared conversations, leaflets, booklets and a book exhibition, urged all vacationers and employees to move more, visit the pool and water park, eat right. Prevention of this disease is available to everyone. What is important to know?

• Replace sausages, semi-finished products and canned food with beans, beans, fish, poultry or veal.

• Eat more foods rich in fiber — cauliflower and broccoli, beets, carrots, zucchini, apples and pears, and bread with bran.

• Exercise moderately daily. It has been reliably proven that physical activity reduces the risk of colon cancer by 70%. Swim, take walks and exercise.

• Give up smoking and drinking alcohol.

• Pass the examination and medical examination in a timely manner.

• Keep a positive emotional attitude.

Remember that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat!