On August 4, 2022, the sanatorium "Krasivo" celebrates its 50th anniversary since the foundation of the health resort and invites vacationers, guests, colleagues involved in the construction, formation, and improvement of the health resort to celebrate.
The festivities will begin on June 20 and last until August 04.
Happy birthday, sanatorium, happy birthday, guest!

We invite you to join and take part in the festive events held in our sanatorium:
- Every weekend the health resort offers its guests an interesting and rich program: fascinating sightseeing trips to the sights of the area. Visit the museum of the sanatorium and learn the history of its formation and development.
- Take part in the fair of masters at the "Round Building" Museum (a unique structure of the 18th century, where you will get acquainted with interesting historical expositions, paintings presented by the UNION OF ARTISTS of the Belgorod region).
- All the most important historical milestones will become the main topic of communication.
- We invite you to take part in fishing on the Vorskla River, to participate in the program "Fishing meal"; at sunset to sing songs by the campfire; to take part in the solemn celebration of the sanatorium's birthday.

The sanatorium dedicates the following discounts and attractive promotions to this wonderful event for its guests (July – August 2022):
• The discount on the cost of a voucher for a child under 6 years old (inclusive) is 50%.
• For regular customers (who have visited the sanatorium for 10 times or more), a discount of 15% is provided.
• For newlyweds: During the month (July – August) after registration, a discount of 15% is valid.
• On the occasion of the celebration of his 50 - Letiya sanatorium "Beautifully" gives a 10% discount to the guests of the health resort born in August. Additionally, each birthday boy receives a sincere congratulations and a surprise from the sanatorium.

The program of festive events

  1. Table tennis 20.06.22. Street/ gym 16.00 -17.00
  2. "Fisherman's Day" 30.06.22. Beach 16.00 – 18.00
  3. "March hike with Scandinavian sticks" 29.06.22. Start and finish – the area at the bottling plant of mineral water 16.00 – 17.00
  4. Holiday "Ivan Kupala" 07.07.22. Beach 19.00
  5. "Family, Love and Fidelity Day" ! sports competitions "One for all and all for one" 9.07.22. Team building 10.00-12.00
  6. "Hello we are looking for talents" 12.07.22. Club 19.00
  7. Swimming competitions 14.07.22. Pool 16.00 – 18.00
  8. Competition of ditties for accordion 18.07.22. Club 18.00
  9. "Chess Day" 24.07.22. Physical therapy Pavilion 16.00 – 18.00
  10. Boat and kayak competitions 26.07.22. Beach 16.00
  11. Boat tour along the Vorskla river "On boats with a meal: tea and fish soup" 20.07.22. Beach 15.00
  12. Excursion - Hotmyzhsk - A holiday at the Round Building: A big fair – creative workshops – try yourself! Projects – "My native land"! A large exhibition of paintings by artists of the Belgorod region, with the possibility of purchase! 30.07.22. Round building 10.00 – 12.30.

On August 4, 2022, the holiday is the Birthday of the sanatorium – a solemn meeting of the sanatorium staff in the concert hall, honoring veterans, planting a commemorative juniper alley, opening of a commemorative plaque for the 50th anniversary of the sanatorium. 19.00 - Cocktail party, open-air concert!

Phone inquiries:
8(800) 55-55-393 - booking department.
8(47246) 33-145 - cultural and entertainment center.