Cavigioli – the challenge of our time. How to cope and live a full life?

Cavigioli – the challenge of our time. How to cope and live a full life?

Hungry for a rest, after  two months of inactivity forced a break in work, my colleagues and I are ready to provide new programs of rehabilitation and treatment.

Many people in his life experienced a sense of fear. Millions of people around the world experience a panic fear of the coronavirus and are taking unprecedented security measures and precautions. Person captured the fear of Contracting mers are struggling to evaluate and establish which situations are dangerous and life-threatening.

Where to find help?

to cope with bouts of fear of this new coronavirus infection is almost impossible.

Many make the right decision. In order to break the vicious circle of thoughts and worries, and at least for a while to get out of the situation - going out of town closer to nature, to the resort. This allows you to disconnect from worries and improve your health.

the Sanatorium "Beautiful", balneo – climatic resort, located in the heart of the Belgorod land. Pine  boron, crystal water of the river Vorskla, sandy beach,  squeaky  clean  the air, saturated with oxygen – all this creates an unforgettable atmosphere of natural harmony and man-made beauty.

Psychotherapy is the beauty that cheer up, and back down the disease is not just a slogan, it is practiced in the sanatorium method.

Not surprisingly, improvement of  patients with diseases of the heart, bronchi, lungs, and nervous system occurs in the first days of stay in a sanatorium. Customers who suffer from fear of Contracting coronavirus, in the REGIONAL "Sanatorium "Beautiful" is doctors and psychologists. 

Terms  of our resorts ensure the best use of therapies and successfully implement psychological intervention programmes. In addition, tourists included additional  factor – the place of the usual  situation that gives a new resource and the opportunity to get out of the "vicious circle" of thoughts and concerns significantly increases the efficiency of the methods of psychotherapy and psychocorrection.

We consider the active nature of psychotherapy, a combination of her holiday factors.

the resort has several well-equipped offices for psychotherapy and psycho-correction work with the tourists. The room of psychological unloading, a sensory room, allow psychocorrection group sessions with different groups of people, including those with kovalevojj and fear of Contracting coronavirus.

Offices for individual work with the client  is always ready to welcome tourists with its comfort and coziness. Experienced and competent professionals develop and implement psychotherapeutic and psycho-correction programs for different groups of people. But in today's reality, special attention is paid to the vacationers with diseases of the  respiratory and fear of getting sick.

One  of  the best methods of increasing stress resistance and counteraction of cavitatii is psychological self-regulation. It is based on the use of various psychological techniques to achieve a state of neuromuscular relaxation, relaxation. The most famous are: progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, breathing relaxation training. From our experience we can say that the complex effect of these methods gives excellent results, which is very important to prevent stress and fear of Contracting coronavirus, choke and stop breathing.

Breathing – relaxation method will include elements of meditation techniques that help to reduce the level of anxiety and tension among tourists.

auditory training is an effective alternative to tranquilizers and sleeping pills drugs. It not only helps in a great way the treatment of any chronic condition, but also is one of the most effective "antidote" from  stress and sex.

the resort operates a sensory room, which resembles a "life raft". Psycho sessions in the sensory room to remove the disturbing neurotic experiences, fears, to create an emotionally calm state, to intensify  tourists, to cause a pleasant and even aesthetically significant experiences.

In the sanatorium "Beautifully" perfectly built system of education with the tourists. Each camper should take away from sanatorium precious gift – the knowledge and skills of caring for their welfare.

guests of the institution systematically psychologists and doctors give lectures on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. Conducted interviews, regular roundtable meeting with doctors and psychologists, organized a psychological lecture.

the Sanatorium "Beautiful has a wonderful cinema room where you can view and discuss popular science, documentary films about health. And in a situation coronavirus infection we picked up a quality lineup of popular scientific and documentary films on human health that will expand the horizons  tourists and will help to cope with kovalevojj.

health resort Wellness programs significantly enhance the therapeutic effect of conventional medical procedures and prescriptions, which allows travelers in the short term to deal effectively with the problems of fear coronavirus infection.

the Search for peace of mind and enjoyment of life and oneself is achievable as for a person.

Vasilchenko, Lydia V.,

psychologist, of REGIONAL "Sanatorium "Krasivo"