Obesity treatment in conditions of sanatoriums

Obesity treatment in conditions of sanatoriums

Computerization and automation of all spheres of life, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, leads to the fact that a person gradually gains weight. This may be related to metabolic disturbances in the body and this nutritional factor (overeating).

Treatment of obesity in the conditions of sanatorium provides  the whole complex of therapeutic measures. The first thing you should pay attention to is nutrition in a sanatorium. Diet guests with obesity is fractional and distinctive. So, completely eliminated fatty and high-calorie meals, and salty, spicy and fried foods, which can contribute to reduction in the rate of weight reduction and water retention in the body.

Also highlighted  physical therapy and active rest. Good results are  swimming in the pool, water aerobics and other water treatments, they are not really  exhausting loads contributed to the intensification of metabolic processes. The increased metabolism minimaliseren deposition of body fat.

an Effective method is the use of therapeutic massage, the impact on the problem areas it helps to eliminate excess fluid from the intercellular space, thus reduces the manifestations of "orange peel".

in Addition to  proper diet and exercise, for best results, the program weight loss supplemented with some  physical factors.

Among them:

Ozonoterapiya, which has antihypoxic and immunomodulating, helps to drop those extra pounds and positive effect on General health of the patient;

Electrostimulated that influence on the fatty tissue by electric current, resulting in aktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes;

Hydrotherapy,  during which the colon cleanse to prevent reverse suction of toxic products in the blood;

Lymphatic drainage massage aims to provide the best lymph drainage patency, because lymph removes from the body toxins, toxins, excess water.

Hydrotherapy treatments to help improve the metabolism and normalize the functioning of the Central nervous system, helps to lower cholesterol;

mineral water Treatment that allows to excrete excess fluid and normalize metabolism.

obesity Treatment in the sanatorium is not only interesting and effective but also as comfortable as possible. Active rest  has a greater load on the lower limbs and body in General. For this purpose the sanatorium is a complex of techniques and relaxing activities. SPA treatments, phytotherapy, physiotherapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, speleotherapy will help  You relax and rejuvenate after an active day.

Proper nutrition and the procedure can be combined with the following types of physical activity:

  • Long walks;
  • Tourism and hospitality;
  • Sports exercises (swimming, water aerobics, Cycling)
  • Mobile sports games (badminton, tennis, volleyball).

Regular physical activity not only help to lose weight, but also improve overall health. If you do it constantly and consistently, the desired result will not keep itself waiting long.

dietitian, Panasenko G. G.