Our health is in our hands

Our health is in our hands

Always and at all times the problem with nutrition was relevant. From time to time in magazines, TV,  the Internet is increasingly dredge up too many new-fangled diets, the effectiveness of which is supported by interviews or photographs of famous personalities. In fact, diet is only a temporary restriction in the diet, which was sure to happen sooner or later breakdown. To avoid this make far more sense just to go to a proper and healthy lifestyle. What is proper nutrition?  the number  of the rules, in the observance of which , not only can achieve the desired results in the transformation, as well as to prevent many diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity, hypertension, arthritis, gastritis and many other diseases.

the basics of proper nutrition following:

  1. the Food should not be a cult. Food is a way to sustain the body, but neither a source of joy and even more happiness.
  2. Products should be fresh and natural. Should try to eat only freshly prepared foods.
  3. Balanced diet. the Diet should include all the available food groups (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), it's best to replace and not to exclude any of the groups.
  4. Frequent meals in moderate amounts. the Best feeding schedule is three main meals and two snacks. You need to eat every three to four hours, and preferably at the same time and same amount of servings. For a snack it is better to prefer fruits, dried fruits. Not snacking on chips, crackers, sweet biscuits, sandwiches or chocolates.
  5. Correct drinking regime. A day on average we should consume at least 1.5-2 liters. it is Also very important when you're drinking water. Best of all, if it is for 20-30 minutes before meal or an hour or two after eating.
  6. dietary Restrictions. Should be possible to eat low fat, limit or eliminate the consumption of sugar, alcohol, salt, to give up chips, soda, mayonnaise, ketchup, sausages and pastry products.
  7. Variety in food. There is no one universal product, which would contain all necessary for our body nutrients. Therefore, the variety of products ensures that the body receives all necessary nutrients.
  8. Seasonal food. Try to consume seasonal products, they have more benefits and vitamins.
  9. Method of cooking. first eliminate fried, spicy, smoked food. Better if it is boiled or steamed food. Also a good option — the food is baked in the oven. And, of course, the best option is a fresh food which has not undergone heat treatment.
  10. Read the labels on products in supermarkets. Be careful, pay attention to the composition of the products and their shelf life. Try to choose more natural products, without additives and artificial flavor.
  11. Daily caloric. Follow calorie a day diet – calories consumed must be exactly as many "burned" by the body per day.
  12. And, of course, physical activity. This is very important! If you have no time for gym or any physical exercise, just start to move more! Walk often, walk the stairs, do Nordic walking. Daily loads must be at least 40 minutes.

Keeping  these simple rules, You'll not only feel comfortable and cheerful, but also increase his health. Eat right!

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