The procedure for recognizing a person disabled

"Rules of recognition of disabled persons", approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 20.02.2006 №95.

Medico-social examination of the citizen is held to the Bureau of residence (by place of residence, at the location of pension business of the invalid who have left for permanent residence outside the Russian Federation).

Medical-social examination can be carried out home in the case that a citizen cannot be at the Bureau of health, which supported the conclusion of the organisation providing therapeutic care, or in hospital where a person is on treatment, or in absentia by the decision of the appropriate office.

Medico-social examination is carried out at the request of a citizen (his legal representative).

the Application is submitted to the Bureau in writing with a direction on mediko-social examination, issued by the organization that provides therapeutic care (body responsible for the provision of pensions, body of social protection of the population), and medical documents confirming the violation of health.

Medico-social examination is carried out by specialists of the Bureau by examination of the citizen, studying of the submitted documents, analysis of social, vocational, psychological and other data of the citizen.

the Decision on recognition of the citizen the invalid or about refusal in recognition of its disabled by a simple majority of votes of the specialists who conducted medico-social examination, on the basis of the discussion of results of medico-social examination.

In cases requiring necessary additional tests in the medical, rehabilitation organizations, obtaining the opinion of the chief of the Bureau, request the necessary information, examination conditions and character of professional activity, social situation of a citizen, can be accounted for by a programme of additional surveys, which are communicated to the citizen in an intelligible form.

After receiving data provided by the program additional tests, experts shall decide on the recognition of the citizen by the disabled person or the refusal of the recognition it invalid.

In case of failure of the citizen (his legal representative) of additional examination and submission of the required documents, the decision on recognition of the citizen by the disabled person or the refusal of recognition its invalid is accepted on the basis of the available data.

For the citizens recognized as disabled, specialists of the Bureau conducting medico-social examination, an individual program of rehabilitation or habilitation (INRA), which is approved by the head of the relevant Bureau.

the Citizen recognized as the invalid (its lawful representative), issued the certificate confirming the fact of establishment of disability, as well as YPRES disabled person (a disabled child).

the Citizen are not recognized as disabled at his request issued a certificate of results of medico-social examination.