To the sanatorium, not only for health

To the sanatorium, not only for health

We all used to go to a sanatorium for health. In our sanatorium there are qualified professionals, powerful diagnostic base, a large range of treatments, clean air and beautiful nature.

Belgorod already so accustomed to high service in the resort, we increasingly difficult to surprise tourists. But in the spring of 2014, the sanatorium was to provide vacationers leaving from vacation, a new service. After relaxing at the Spa, You can buy in the sanatorium plants are grown in our own nursery.

the Choice of plants is great. There is a zoned seedlings of fruit trees established in our region. It is also possible to buy ornamental plants that are used in the landscape of the sanatorium.

Now, if, having walked around the resort, you like plant, you can buy seedlings of this plant for a home, call 33-145 in club resort.

Receiving plant, you will receive written instructions on how to plant, where to plant and how to care for this plant.

a full list of products nursery can be found on the website of the kennel sanatorium; All products are in stock, prices are relevant.