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Question answer

Hello! Tell me, what age do you accept children in your resort?

Good day! Can come at least with a baby, however treatment and procedures appoints our pediatrician depending on age and contra-indications. More detailed information you can call us at 8(47246) 33-130.

Interested in the cost per child is 10 years without treatment.

Hello! Trips to the resort without treatment, not sold. For kids age 10 years, the payment vouchers to the sanatorium 100%. For more information you can contact: 8(47246) 33-130.

Hello, is it possible to come on a paid treatment (radon baths) without buying a ticket?

Good day! It is possible, by prior arrangement with the Director of nursing 8(47246) 5-08-04 or physician 8(47246) 5-35-51. Also before the procedure will have to consult our specialist on contraindications.

Good afternoon, we wanted to come with her husband for a week and wanted to know-is it possible to bring our small dog? It weighs 2 kg, adult quiet girl.

Hello! Sorry to the resort no Pets allowed.

Hello! Is it possible stay in your sanatorium with a child 3 years of age and what services can be provided for a child? Thank you

Good afternoon!

Vacation with children is available for children 2 to 6 years discount of 20% of the cost of sanatorium vouchers. For children up to 5 years can enjoy restorative treatments as a visit to the salt chambers or speleochamber, inhalers, and massage. Procedures are assignedour pediatrician the contraindications. 

Good afternoon. Tell me, please, do you accept children for treatment? Do you have any programme to strengthen the immune system for children?

Good afternoon!

We accept children. Children under one year free, from one year to two years 30% discount of the tour price, from two to six years 20% discount  of the value of sanatorium treatment.

For children up to 5 years can enjoy immunomodulatory procedures like a visit to the salt chambers or speleochamber, inhalers, and massage. Procedures are assignedour pediatrician the contraindications. After 5 years the number of procedures increases significantly. Also, our specialists can take into account the recommendations on procedures, narrow-profile physicians from place of residence, if any(it happens that the doctor provides treatment for any methods-you will need to provide a medical record card).

What you need to relax this weekend. We are two people. What meals are served.

Good day! To relax in the resort on the weekends You need to call the Manager by phone listed on the website and book a room or cottage. We remind you that the procedures and the resort on the weekend only on Saturday, so the rest will be likely without them. Meals in the dining room, restaurant pre-order menu or the restaurant "Noosphere" in the resort for a fee.

Hello! I would like to visit Your sanatorium for a family of 2 adults and a child 12 years of age in November-December 2015. period 23.11.2015 on 04 or G. 05.12.2015 Please inform about availability and prices for tours. I thank you in advance for your reply.


To clarify the availability for this period, please call us: 8(47246) 33-130.

We will respect Your wishes according to the room and tell the price. Sincerely, the administration of the institution

Hello. Tell me, can I come to you for less number of days than 10-14, to take charge some medical services that I would like, eg. massage.

Good day. Additionally, for a fee, you can get any procedure if You have no contraindications to it. In this case, the number of days in the permit plays no role. About contraindications You will advise the physician of the sanatorium.

Good afternoon. I'm 54 years, including 34 years at sea. Many ailments have accumulated over the intervening time so I want to ask, if you need to undergo a preliminary medical examination before you get to the resort. Thanks in advance. Regards, Yuri.
we Ask You to bring a SANATORNO-Kurortnaya card or outpatient card. If there are documents You are not available, it can undergo testing in a sanitarium, you should have: passport, insurance policy (if present), a note on fluoroscopy.
For booking please contact by phone 8(47246) 33-130
best regards, reservation Department
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