Week of physical education and physical education. The best therapeutic medicine is physical education

In Russia, in 2023, the Day of Physical Education and Physical Education is celebrated at the official level for the 43rd time. The significance of the holiday is to show the role of sports and a healthy lifestyle for the human body and to introduce people to physical culture. The main task is to promote healthy lifestyle. Sanatorium "Beautifully" joins the infocampania. The doctors of the sanatorium and instructors – methodologists of physical therapy have prepared lectures, talks, films, videos, leaflets, booklets about a healthy lifestyle. And moreover, for physical education classes in the sanatorium "Beautifully" there is a sports and wellness complex with a total area of 2500 square meters. It consists of a large sports hall with an area of more than 600 square meters, two gyms, two physical therapy halls, massage rooms, a multimedia shooting gallery, a sports equipment rental point and a billiard room. All halls are equipped with the necessary modern equipment. Exercise bikes, treadmills, and power sports equipment are waiting for vacationers. This complex solved the problem of organizing the individual motor regime of patients. A variety of types of physical therapy, the capacity of the halls, the available equipment made it possible to bring the coverage of physical therapy for vacationers to 100%. Today, the sports base is replenished with outdoor tennis courts, a volleyball court with artificial turf in accordance with the European level. A magnificent water park, a large swimming pool, a beach on the Vorskla River, beach volleyball, catamaran rides, terracing, outdoor exercise equipment and horseback riding – this is not a complete list of favorite places for active recreation of our guests. The physical education holiday is an occasion for the whole country to unite with the famous slogan "A healthy mind in a healthy body"!

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Healing rest on the beach of the Vorskla river

A kind of recovery and a powerful climatic factor can be considered a rest on the river bank. The pride of the sanatorium "Beautifully" is a well-equipped beach on the banks of the clean, protected Vorskla river. Here you can strengthen your health and relax. Our best doctor is fresh air. And the air by the river is saturated with special ions that have a beneficial effect on human health. The water area of the clean water of the beach is 40,000 m2. A bright marina, a boat station, water bikes, catamarans, an inflatable water park, and a rental point are at the disposal of vacationers on the beach.

During aerotherapy with river air, the body's resistance to adverse environmental influences increases. Also, thanks to the beneficial properties of air, weakened thermoregulation is trained, the body is provided with oxygen, which helps to increase immunity. After swimming, you can relax on the beach loungers in the climatic pavilions. A water bike or a boat ride is a constant companion of our beach. While riding a water bike, absolutely all leg muscles are strengthened, joints are developed. The same can be said about boat trips, with the only correction that the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle experience a greater load, but both the muscles of the back and the abdominal press fully "work". Competent use of therapeutic factors of the river coast in combination with physical exertion is the right way to restore and preserve your health. BE HEALTHY!

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World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated to raise awareness about viral hepatitis, an inflammatory liver disease that causes severe liver pathologies. This year it is held under the slogan "Hepatitis can't wait!".

The doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" take an active part in the infocamp and conduct lectures. conversations, thematic hours and seminars on a significant topic. Medical workers have prepared films, videos, leaflets, booklets and memos about the prevention of hepatitis. Effective preventive measures against hepatitis are hygiene. Of considerable importance in prevention is the dissemination of information about the pathways of the disease, the need for immunization, compliance with hygiene rules and medical examination.

The holding of the World Hepatitis Day is significant and is primarily aimed at attracting the attention of the general public and specialists to this problem. Thus, the staff of the sanatorium make their contribution to the formation of healthy habits among vacationers. Moreover, our country, Russia, is a world leader in hepatitis (B) vaccination. More than 100 million Russians have been vaccinated against this virus. The application of hygienic knowledge in practice by each person, recognition of the importance of immunoprophylaxis of hepatitis A and B, as well as participation in vaccination companies will help to preserve the health of the population.

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World Brain Day

The World Brain Day of the Year is designed to draw attention to the global problem of humanity - brain health. A few years ago, at a meeting of the Council of Delegates of the Health Federation, it was proposed to recognize July 22 as "World Brain Day". With the approval of WHO, World Brain Day was declared an annual event. Such an initiative was associated with an interest in the brain within the health of all mankind and pursued a global goal to preserve the health of people's brains.

The doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" joined the holiday and organized an infocamp dedicated to brain health. Medical workers have prepared lectures, talks, leaflets, booklets and films on the theme of the holiday. Brain health is a huge topic covering many areas, including understanding brain function, disease prevention, mental health, and treatment of brain disorders. The target audience of this holiday is people of all ages and professions. The campaign events are designed for the whole year.

To preserve brain health, it is important to maintain a high level of mental activity - to read, solve crosswords, draw, sing, move more, eat right, think positively, monitor blood pressure and be sure to undergo medical examinations and preventive examinations in a timely manner. World Brain Day is an occasion to learn more about this unique organ and preserve youthfulness of spirit and longevity as long as possible!

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Sports – yes! Alcohol – no!

Back in 1914, the Holy Synod made a speech in which it noted the lack of sobriety. Nowadays, the celebration of Sobriety Week is again becoming a significant event for society as a whole. Social institutions are doing everything to make a healthy lifestyle a public value.

This week, thematic lectures, conferences and seminars, movie screenings and videos dedicated to the prevention of alcohol and other types of addiction are held in the sanatorium "Krasivo". Doctors offered everyone to go in for sports, play soccer, lapta, slides, sit with skandinava sticks, sit in the gym, a swimming pool and a water park, and you have a healthy lifestyle.

There was no nickname – a holiday that leads to birth, you rejoice at the opportunity to communicate with your loved ones and try to make the nickname become a natural state of being every day. After all, only a sober person can be successful, happy, have a strong family and respect. By refusing alcohol treatment, we can share more health and strength.

Relax without wasting time and discover yourself in a new life! Chat with friends, play sports and be happy!

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Portal about healthy lifestyle

✅Current news about healthy lifestyle

✅All about vaccination

✅Traffic Diary

✅Calorie Calculator

✅Training category

✅Body Mass Index Calculator

✅answers to questions

All this and many other useful information about a healthy lifestyle can be found on the official information space of the Ministry of Health - TakZdo

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Week of preservation of the immune system

According to the decision of the World Allergy Control Organization and the World Organization for Immunopathology, "World Allergy Day" is celebrated worldwide on July 8. Traditionally, the doctors of the sanatorium join the infocampania and prepare lectures, talks, booklets, films and videos for vacationers. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of the symptoms, methods of allergy treatment and the importance of maintaining immunity.

Allergy is one of the most common diseases on Earth. According to the World Health Organization, about 40% of the world's population suffer from allergies. It is known that the purpose of the body's immune system is to protect the body from the effects of a microorganism, and not only from microbes and parasites, but also from the cells of its own body that are out of control.What affects the decrease in immunity:

  1. Wrong lifestyle and unhealthy habits
  2. Stress, depression, increased irritability
  3. Environment and improper nutrition.

The immune defense of the body directly depends on the lifestyle. Gymnastics, physical exercises, walking should firmly enter into the daily life of everyone who wants to preserve immunity, health, a full and joyful life.

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Week of hypodynamia prevention

Technological progress has freed people from hard physical labor, and our way of life has become surprisingly sedentary. A decrease in motor activity causes great anxiety among doctors and leads to an increase in morbidity. The negative impact of inactivity is aggravated by an irrational daily routine, excessive and monotonous nutrition and high nervous tension.

In the sanatorium "Beautifully", medical workers focused the attention of vacationers and employees on universal means of combating physical inactivity, and these are physical education and sports, walking and swimming.

Active motor mode is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. In the sanatorium "Beautifully" all conditions are created for this. Sports and wellness complex, with a total area of 2500 square meters, consisting of a large gym, two gyms, two gyms, massage rooms, multimedia shooting gallery, sports equipment rental, billiard room. All halls are equipped with the necessary modern equipment: exercise bikes, treadmills and power sports equipment are waiting for vacationers. This complex solved the problem of organizing the individual motor regime of patients. A beautiful swimming pool, a water park, a variety of types of physical therapy – all this allows you to bring the coverage of physical therapy for vacationers to 100%. The sports base is replenished with outdoor tennis courts, a football field, a volleyball court with artificial turf in accordance with the European level. There is a playground for playing small towns and Russian lapta. Terrancours, hiking trails, walks with Scandinavian sticks – this is not a complete list of interesting and useful health loads.

Remember, nothing can compensate our nervous system for what the active work of muscles and optimal physical activity gives it.

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International Week against Drug Addiction

On June 26, the world community celebrates a holiday of global significance — the International Day against Drug Addiction and Illicit Drug Trafficking, which was established in 1987 by the UN General Assembly as a sign of its determination to strengthen activities and cooperation to create an international society free from drug abuse.

According to UN estimates, the global number of people who use drugs is currently at least 185 million people (i.e. 3% of the total population of our planet, or about 12% of the population aged 15 to 30 years). Unfortunately, the consequences of drug addiction for the health indicators of the human population are becoming more threatening every day. Without exaggeration, drug addiction can be called the most terrible phenomenon of our century.

Doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" informed vacationers and employees about the "problem of the century" and prepared lectures, talks, popular science films, booklets and leaflets. The health workers of the sanatorium urged to unite in the fight against such a terrible phenomenon as drug addiction. The World Day against Drug Addiction reminds all mankind of this terrible disease. We urge EVERYONE to give up drugs, say a firm "NO" to people who treat drugs, avoid situations related to the use of psychoactive substances, and CHOOSE LIFE, SPORTS, A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

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World Donor Day

All over the world, on June 14, the World Blood Donor Day is once again celebrated. In 2023, the information campaign is held under the motto "Donate blood, donate blood plasma, share your life and do it often".

Officially declared an annual event by the World Health Assembly in 2005, this day provides a special opportunity to thank donors for donating their blood to people. The focus is on patients who need blood transfusions throughout their lives, and the role that each person can play by making a valuable gift in the form of blood or plasma.

The doctors of the sanatorium "Krasivo" have prepared lectures, films, videos about noble donation. In addition, they stressed the importance of regular blood donation to create stable and safe supplies that are always available so that all patients in need can receive timely treatment.

Five employees of the sanatorium "Krasivo" are blood donors. A donor is not a profession, not a job, not a craft! But these people have something to be proud of, because they bring the most valuable gift to people - their blood. Often this gift saves another person's life. It is difficult to imagine a more responsible and noble cause than selfless donation. By giving blood, a person gives a piece of his soul to save the sick and the needy. Each donation of blood is a precious gift that saves lives, and repeated donation is the key to ensuring sufficient supplies of safe blood to save people.

Thank you, donor!

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