World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week in 2023 is held under the motto "Warn. Protect. To instill". Presented by medical professionals, an important information campaign is aimed at raising public awareness about preventive vaccinations.

The doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" in lectures and conversations, at seminars and "Health Hour", for vacationers and employees talked about everyone's right to protection against infections, about the benefits of immunization as the most effective means of preventing infectious diseases, aimed at forming people's understanding that getting vaccinated is to protect themselves and protect others.

Vaccination is one of the greatest achievements of healthcare of the twentieth century. One of the global achievements in the history of vaccination was the elimination of smallpox worldwide. Vaccination plays a huge role in reducing the incidence of measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, mumps, tuberculosis, polio, so we can talk about the possibility of controlling these infections and even eliminating some of them. 

Free vaccinations included in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations preserve the health and lives of millions of people.

Get vaccinated and be healthy!

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A "hotline" on vaccination is being opened

A vaccine prevention hotline is being opened (within the framework of a Single immunization Week). In the period from April 17 to April 28, 2023, the Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Belgorod region conducts a thematic "hotline" for vaccination prevention (within the framework of a Single week of immunization).

Epidemiologists will give recommendations on vaccination against measles, rubella and mumps; answer questions on polio vaccination; consult on pneumococcal and hemophilic infections, tuberculosis; vaccination against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, as well as answer other questions related to vaccination.

For these and other questions, you can contact us on working days from 10:00 to 17:00, on Friday - from 10:00 to 15:45 (break from 12:00 to 12:45) by calling the Management hotline 8-800-222-04-31 (toll-free).

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World Health Week

World Health Day is an important holiday for everyone who cares about their well-being. In the sanatorium "Krasivo", an infocamp to promote a healthy lifestyle is held throughout the month. The doctors of the sanatorium have prepared lectures, talks, films, videos, booklets and leaflets about physical activity, diet and disease prevention. 

A healthy lifestyle contributes to the preservation and increase of the body's resistance to infectious diseases and psycho – emotional stress. Physical and psychological health requires a careful attitude of a person to himself. Doctors recommend thinking about health at a young age. Medical workers urge to adjust the daily routine, balance the diet and free yourself from the captivity of bad habits, as well as engage in daily physical activity. Do not forget about medical examinations.

World Health Day allows us to raise issues every year that affect all of humanity and directly affect our lives. This increases people's interest in activity and longevity.

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World Tuberculosis Day

Every year, on March 24, the World Tuberculosis Day is held all over the world. This year the event will be held under the slogan "Yes! We can eliminate tuberculosis!". Educational meetings are held in the sanatorium "Krasivo" on this day to focus the attention of vacationers on health problems and the need for timely examination.Every year, on March 24, the World Tuberculosis Day is held all over the world. This year the event will be held under the slogan "Yes! We can eliminate tuberculosis!". Educational meetings are held in the sanatorium "Krasivo" on this day to focus the attention of vacationers on health problems and the need for timely examination. Medical professionals prepare lectures and talks, booklets and brochures, films and videos. Healthy lifestyle is actively promoted.

Currently, tuberculosis is one of the most important social and biomedical problems. Tuberculosis affects people of different genders, ages and social status. To protect yourself and your loved ones from tuberculosis infection, it is necessary to remember to observe a number of rules:

  • get vaccinated on time;
  • undergo an annual fluorographic examination;
  • monitor the diet, give the body adequate daily physical activity, giving up bad habits.

The fight against tuberculosis is a task that every person should set for himself!

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World Immunity Week

Every year, in March, the World Immunity Week is celebrated. The sanatorium "Krasivo" hosts events and educational campaigns aimed at raising awareness of vacationers and employees about the importance and features of the immune system. Thematic conferences, talks, and documentaries have been organized, which reveal issues related to strengthening immunity, because the strength of the immune system depends on the lifestyle that a person leads by 50%. 

What does a person need to maintain immunity? 

  1. A full healthy diet. 
  2. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. 
  3. Careful attitude to your psyche. 
  4. Healthy sleep - at least 8 hours a day in a well-ventilated room. 
  5. Hardening. 
  6. Regular sports and an active lifestyle. 

World Immunity Week is another opportunity to emphasize the importance and significance of a healthy lifestyle. By correcting immune disorders in a timely manner, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of diseases of many organs and systems.

We wish you good health!

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In the sanatorium "Krasivo" for the prevention of injuries is carried out

As part of the information campaign, conversations with vacationers are held, memos, booklets are distributed, videos on video monitors and films about injury prevention are broadcast. 

Doctors and nurses disseminate information on relevant topics. Conversations and lectures are aimed at injury prevention. It must be remembered that it is much easier to avoid injuries than to correct the sad consequences. Injury prevention should become part of a person's lifestyle.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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World Sick Day

World Sick Day has a fixed date - February 11, but is celebrated, as a rule, throughout the week.

The World Day of the Patient is organized for the purpose of information events - educational lectures, conferences and seminars, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

In the sanatorium "Beautifully" on this day, as a rule, educational meetings are held to focus the attention of vacationers on health problems and the need for timely examination and treatment. Medical professionals prepare lectures and talks, booklets and brochures, films and videos. Healthy lifestyle is actively promoted.

This day is intended both for healthy people and for patients who have overcome serious illnesses and for specialists in the field of medicine. The main reward of doctors is the happy eyes of the people with whom they go through life day after day - this is the greatest merit of the doctor. Of course, such work of a medical worker is worthy of respect and admiration.

We wish everyone good health!

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What do we know about the dangers of smoking?

Sanatorium "Krasivo", on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health of Russia, participates in a sociological study devoted to determining the degree of awareness of the population of the country about the harm that smoking causes to the body.

According to the results of the survey, measures will be taken to overcome this harmful habit in society in all respects. We invite you to take a survey and take part in the fight against smoking!


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International Dentist and Dentist Day

On this day, February 9, it is customary to congratulate those who, with their knowledge and skill, can cure their teeth and suggest how to properly care for the oral cavity using modern means.

In the world, the Day of the Dentist and Dentist has been widely celebrated for more than 30 years. For Russians, the International Dentist's Day is a relatively new date, which was added to the calendar of holidays only in 2001. However, every year the date of February 9 is becoming more and more significant for domestic dentists.

There are 2 specialists working in the sanatorium "Beautifully": Dmitry V. Proskurin - dentist and Oksana A. Kuzmenko – dentist. Almost 4 thousand vacationers are grateful to them for a beautiful smile. The holiday, which is held in the sanatorium "Beautifully", is traditionally accompanied by seminars, lectures, which tell about new achievements, the latest trends in dentistry, and the use of modern technologies in dental treatment and prosthetics. Doctors distribute leaflets, booklets, informational materials.

The need for dentists has existed and always exists. With the development of civilization, these specialists have acquired an even more significant status and now provide high-level services, can please with excellent treatment. We wish them good health!

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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is held in the sanatorium "Krasivo" from February 1 to 4.«/p>

Medical workers organized events to promote a healthy lifestyle - thematic conferences, seminars to raise awareness regarding the detection of cancerous tumors. Doctors have prepared films, leaflets, booklets and conversations for vacationers.

Annually about 4 million people can be saved by observing preventive measures. Cancer can be prevented and detected at an early stage, facilitating the healing process. The World Day was established in 2005 to disseminate correct and vital information among the population. And since then it has been an annual event. Today, doctors have all modern technologies in their arsenal for the treatment of oncological diseases.

Currently, cancer is a disease that can be dealt with, which can be treated. Even if you're busy, take the time to get checked out and talk to your doctor. This will help to improve peace of mind. The key word of this disease is "On time". Follow this principle, pass the examination! We wish you good health!

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