What do we know about the dangers of smoking?

Sanatorium "Krasivo", on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health of Russia, participates in a sociological study devoted to determining the degree of awareness of the population of the country about the harm that smoking causes to the body.

According to the results of the survey, measures will be taken to overcome this harmful habit in society in all respects. We invite you to take a survey and take part in the fight against smoking!


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International Dentist and Dentist Day

On this day, February 9, it is customary to congratulate those who, with their knowledge and skill, can cure their teeth and suggest how to properly care for the oral cavity using modern means.

In the world, the Day of the Dentist and Dentist has been widely celebrated for more than 30 years. For Russians, the International Dentist's Day is a relatively new date, which was added to the calendar of holidays only in 2001. However, every year the date of February 9 is becoming more and more significant for domestic dentists.

There are 2 specialists working in the sanatorium "Beautifully": Dmitry V. Proskurin - dentist and Oksana A. Kuzmenko – dentist. Almost 4 thousand vacationers are grateful to them for a beautiful smile. The holiday, which is held in the sanatorium "Beautifully", is traditionally accompanied by seminars, lectures, which tell about new achievements, the latest trends in dentistry, and the use of modern technologies in dental treatment and prosthetics. Doctors distribute leaflets, booklets, informational materials.

The need for dentists has existed and always exists. With the development of civilization, these specialists have acquired an even more significant status and now provide high-level services, can please with excellent treatment. We wish them good health!

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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is held in the sanatorium "Krasivo" from February 1 to 4.«/p>

Medical workers organized events to promote a healthy lifestyle - thematic conferences, seminars to raise awareness regarding the detection of cancerous tumors. Doctors have prepared films, leaflets, booklets and conversations for vacationers.

Annually about 4 million people can be saved by observing preventive measures. Cancer can be prevented and detected at an early stage, facilitating the healing process. The World Day was established in 2005 to disseminate correct and vital information among the population. And since then it has been an annual event. Today, doctors have all modern technologies in their arsenal for the treatment of oncological diseases.

Currently, cancer is a disease that can be dealt with, which can be treated. Even if you're busy, take the time to get checked out and talk to your doctor. This will help to improve peace of mind. The key word of this disease is "On time". Follow this principle, pass the examination! We wish you good health!

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National Holiday – Pharmacist and Pharmacy Day from January 12 to 31

"Pharmacist is your partner in healthcare"

The decision to establish a Pharmaceutical Worker's Day was made at the All-Russian Congress of Pharmaceutical Workers back in April 2014.  And at the world level, the holiday is celebrated for the 15th time.

In the sanatorium "Beautifully", the pharmacist's holiday is actively celebrated. The doctors of the sanatorium and the pharmacist prepared meetings with vacationers, informed about the history of pharmacies and the work of the pharmacist. The holiday is held under the motto: "A pharmacist is your partner in the healthcare sector." 

In the sanatorium, the pharmacy is headed by Natalia Udodova, the head of the pharmacy point. She has a higher medical education, in addition, she successfully graduated from the most complex chemical and pharmaceutical faculty of the BELSU Research Institute and completed her internship by specialty Pharmacy management and Economics. Natalia Anatolyevna has the gratitude of the administration, diplomas and honorary gratitude of the Ministry of Health of the Belgorod region.  Today the pharmacy is a place, which is often visited by quite healthy people who try to support themselves - take vitamins and restorative fees, tea with medicinal herbs. Constant prevention of diseases has become as important as their treatment.

The pharmacy of the sanatorium "Krasivo" is one of the structural divisions and is equipped with modern equipment, passes quality control, which allows for retail trade, the release of medicines and other pharmacy products. The pharmacist carries out acceptance control and storage of medicines and other pharmacy products coming into the organization. It's nice to come to our pharmacy. The pharmacist will listen carefully to each client, will be able to offer an analogue of a particular drug, will remind the drug intake scheme. This attitude inspires confidence and a desire to return to this pharmacy. Pharmacists all over the world receive congratulations on Pharmacist's Day. We join and let it be a small, but significant contribution to the benefit of increasing the prestige of this profession.

Happy holidays!

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Fundamentals of rational nutrition

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle, more than 50%the determining state of human health is nutrition. Meetings with doctors,explanations, conversations, lectures, printed materials contributed to familiarization withthe basics of healthy nutrition of vacationers of the sanatorium "Beautifully".The occurrence of cardiovasculardiseases, diabetes mellitus, oncology is promoted by an unbalanced diet,replete with simple sugars, saturated fats, extra calories, butdeficient in important nutrients. Aggressive fast food advertising,a giant assortment of processed foods, cleverly constructed marketingretailers are encouraged to overconsumption of harmful products. It is importantto understand this and correctly fill your daily food basket.

There aresimple rules to make the diet not just healthy, but alsooptimal for a particular person:

  1. The balance between the energy coming from food andits consumption.
  2. Limitingsalt intake to 5 g per day (1 tsp). 
  3. Consumption of at least 400 g of seasonal vegetables,fruits, legumes.
  4. Reducing the amount of fat.Don't overeat!  

As the ancients said:

"Let foodbe your medicine! Otherwise, the medicine will become food!"

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Vegetables and fruits for health

The doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" have prepared lectures, talks, leaflets, booklets with information about rational nutrition and the benefits of eating vegetables and fruits for human health.

But, the most important thing is that vacationers have learned the knowledge that they need to eat, daily, at least 500 g, and preferably more, seasonal, local vegetables, fruits, legumes and leafy greens to provide the body with fiber. Soluble and insoluble dietary fibers are needed to prevent certain types of cancer, stimulate intestinal motility, maintain the balance of its microbiota, eliminate toxins, hormone metabolites and medications. Eating according to the plate rule, where 1/2 part is often vegetables and fruits, and 1/4 protein and starchy foods are an easy way to balance the diet and be healthy. And besides, vacationers were shown that colorful serving of dishes is very important in human nutrition. This has a positive effect on visual perception and improves mood. Take care of yourself, follow the rules of healthy eating!

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Happy New Year 2023! Merry Christmas!

On the eve of the New Year, it is customary to sum up and make new plans. The outgoing year 2022 was unique for each of us. He taught us to appreciate the main thing – health, to be attentive to our well-being and to help ourselves and our loved ones!

May the New Year 2023 bring each of us many new achievements, good health and love, let the plan come true! Let every home be filled with happiness and kindness. Let inspiration and love make life brighter and brighter, and the coming year will be joyful and brings a lot of positive emotions, health, prosperity and smiles on the faces of relatives and friends. Let the source of goodness and warmth in your soul warm you and your dear ones, relatives and loved ones! Let every month of the coming year be bright and unforgettable, and miracles happen more often than you dream about them! Let the events be significant and beautiful, and let life be prosperous and happy!

Come to the celebration of the New Year in the Sanatorium "Beautifully"!

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!

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New Year's Eve in the sanatorium

Dear friends! Frost will strike very soon, snowflakes will swirl, and we will all look forward to the most magical, most fabulous night of the year. Of course, it is necessary to spend the old year and meet the new one in the circle of the closest and dearest.

The NOOSPHERE restaurant invites you to have fun and have fun in a cozy, festive atmosphere at the New Year's table. The ringing of glasses filled with sparkling champagne, cheerful communication, a bright program, contests, dizzying dances, entertainment, sincere congratulations and unforgettable emotions are waiting for you.

Come to celebrate the New Year in the Sanatorium "Beautifully"!

New Year's Eve cost:

  • adult – 4600 rubles.
  • children's – 4100 rubles.

The time of the New Year 's program is from 22-00 to 3-00 hours .

You can book a table by phone: 8(800) 55-55-393

New Year's menu

    1. Assorted meat (pork, chicken roll, carpacho, sausage house.) 
    2. Assorted vegetables (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, greens) 
    3. Salmon rolls with cottage cheese and caviar
    4. Pickled cabbage
    5. Homemade jelly
    6. Prestige Salad
    7. Tartlets with mushrooms and chicken
    8. Pancakes stuffed with pink salmon
    9. Chicken fillet baked with vegetables
    10. Rustic potatoes with sauce
    11. Fruits (tangerines, grapes) 
    12. Dessert "Air cloud"
    13. Bread   
    14. Juices in the assortment  
    15. Mineral water "Beautifully" gas/negaz


    Champagne p/sl. 1/375

Photo of the sanatorium Dance floor - view from the 2nd floor
Photo of the sanatorium Christmas tree on the 1st floor
Sanatorium photo View from the second floor
Photo of the sanatorium Hall for 12 people
Photo of the sanatorium Hall for 8 people
Photo of the sanatorium Hall for 6 persons

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Week of popularization of the use of berries and fruits in winter

Berries and fruits are healthy foods, and in winter it is a drop of sunny summer on a plate.

From December 19 to December 25, the "Week of popularization of the consumption of fruits and berries in winter" started in the sanatorium "Beautifully". Thanks to meetings with doctors of the sanatorium, lectures, conversations, printed materials, vacationers learned what amount of fruits and berries is sufficient in the human diet.

Lovers of garden gifts are ready to crunch fruits and berries constantly, without needing any recommendations. And for those who do not consider fruits and berries as the basis of the diet and have not been accustomed to them since childhood, experts have developed a simple formula - at least 5 servings of fruits and berries per day, at any time of the year. Especially in winter we need to support our body. So, every person over 5 years old, in order to stay healthy, should eat at least 5 servings of different berries and fruits a day. One serving for each person is the volume of fruits and berries that can fit in his handful. A handful of a five-year-old child is much smaller than a handful of an adult man, and their portions naturally vary according to size and body weight. One serving of an adult, on average, is, for example, 2 apples, a pear, a bunch of grapes, 4-5 plums, a glass of juice. Five servings for an average adult, in weight equivalent, amount to about 300 – 400 grams of fruits and berries per day, which corresponds to the WHO recommendation.

The fruits and berries that come to the tables of our vacationers are grown in the gardens of the sanatorium, environmentally friendly. And skillful chefs, fulfilling the wishes of customers, bake fragrant apples and pears, prepare fruit salads, freshly squeezed juices that remind us of a bright summer in winter.

Come to the "Beautiful" for health!

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Week of health promotion and promotion of a healthy lifestyle

From December 12 to 18, the sanatorium "Krasivo" takes part in the holiday dedicated to the Week of Health Promotion. As part of the significant date, round tables, seminars, meetings and conversations with vacationers were organized. Events are also held in the departments of labor collectives, for employees of the sanatorium.

The Russian Federation is currently experiencing a turning point in the development of the public health system, which is due to both the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic and a number of measures aimed at transforming this system in our country. As part of the Health Week, vacationers and employees of our sanatorium took advantage of a unique opportunity to get up-to-date information and ask questions to doctors in the field of health promotion.

Health workers of the sanatorium have prepared an informational event - "An hour of questions and answers", lectures, booklets and leaflets. The meetings were informative and informative in nature and were productive for the participants. It is important to understand that a healthy lifestyle is not a pill that instantly eliminates all ailments. This is the principle of life, a special worldview and daily pleasant work on yourself, which, in the end, will definitely be crowned with success.

We wish you good health!

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