Active longevity "Golden Age" is a new stage in a person's life

From December 5 to December 11, a week of strengthening the health of people of the "Golden Age" is held in the sanatorium "Krasivo", and more than six thousand people rest in the sanatorium during the year. Some possibilities of such people are really limited, but their will, moral strength, endurance and hard work know no bounds.

Activities aimed at maintaining and improving health in the "Golden Age" are included in the "Longevity" program and often represent combined schemes for the prevention of diseases. The most common types of health promotion activities include: health education, behavior change and health awareness. Physical activity is useful at any age, and it is welcomed by doctors.

To date, there are many sections and specially designed sports programs in the sanatorium "Krasivo", where optimal physical activity is selected for people at the "Golden Age" who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. The sanatorium has a large sports hall, gyms, a swimming pool, a water park, a hall and playgrounds for tennis and volleyball, a shooting range, terrancours, velomobiles and bicycles, a psychological relaxation room. It is absolutely possible to say that a rational motor regime, balanced nutrition, swimming, exercise, relaxation and auto-training, reading fiction is a healing spring and a source of activity, health and longevity.

Come to the sanatorium "Beautifully" for health and longevity!

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A month in the sanatorium – "AIDS is a tragedy of humanity"

In the sanatorium "Krasivo" month, entitled: "AIDS is a tragedy of humanity", is held from November 18 to December 18. The purpose of the month is to attract public attention to the problem of the spread of AIDS, as well as its prevention.

During this period, various thematic mass and informational events are planned, aimed at forming a healthy lifestyle, preserving and strengthening the health of vacationers and employees. During this period, we will hold contests, promotions, talks, conferences, seminars and demonstrate scientific polar documentaries about a healthy lifestyle. Medical specialists remind of the importance of regular prevention of this disease. Summing up the results of the month will take place in December with the presentation of diplomas to the most active participants and listeners of the events.

Warned means armed. That is why it is important to inform vacationers about a healthy lifestyle, about real life values. We urge every vacationer and employee to listen to the voice of reason and observe personal preventive measures.

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Man is what he eats

From November 21 to 27, the "Calorie counting Week" started in the sanatorium "Krasivo". The most effective and safe way to improve well-being is to count the calorie content of foods consumed. To keep a competent calorie count for a rational and balanced diet, it is enough to read the recommendations of doctors and decide to follow the rules of a healthy diet.

The sanatorium has all the possibilities for this. After all, the best and environmentally friendly products of their own farms come to the tables of vacationers every day. And experienced doctors and dietary nurses will take care of the calorie content of the dishes. During the week, the doctors of the sanatorium will teach vacationers and employees the method of counting calories – "Take control of life." The technique is fascinating and stimulates reasonable adherence to the diet in nutrition, allows you to maintain the desired physical shape and make your eating behavior more competent and balanced. A scientific approach to this issue will help to gradually correct eating habits.

Counting calories will allow you not to give up eating certain dishes and make life more comfortable. After all, our ancestors were right a thousand times when they said, "A man is what he eats." The popularity of Calorie Counting Week is proof of that. We wish you good health!

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tobacco withdrawal week

Every year, in November, the International Day of Quitting Smoking is celebrated. Employees of the sanatorium "Krasivo" support this holiday. Its purpose is to draw public attention to the problem of tobacco addiction.

Sanatorium doctors - cardiologists, therapists and narrow specialists, offer smokers to give up the addiction, conduct conversations and meetings with vacationers. The sanatorium has organized a "Smoking cessation School" in which vacationers who have decided to give up tobacco are engaged. Medical workers prepared booklets, leaflets and organized exhibitions of scientific literature on the dangers of smoking and colorful, informative and informational tables.

Such an emphasis on the problem of tobacco smoking is not accidental, because tobacco addiction is recognized as one of the most widespread in the history of mankind. That is why the International Day of Quitting Smoking is designed to protect the younger generation from the desire to start smoking. Now there are more and more people who have a negative attitude to alcohol and tobacco. They bring into fashion smartness, athletic appearance, simplicity and politeness in communicating with others, focus on a healthy lifestyle. In this way they resist habits that weaken the will and dull the intellect. Quitting smoking is not so difficult. Sports, travel, lack of contact with smokers will help get rid of tobacco and the threat of cancer, chronic bronchitis and other diseases. And, in general, folk wisdom is right a thousand times – All the vices are from idleness.

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Colon Cancer Prevention Week

Colon cancer (or colorectal cancer) ranks fourth among all malignant tumors. The disease begins with the appearance of a small focus, which can only be detected by colonoscopy. But in order to prevent the appearance and development of this formidable disease, it is important to engage in prevention. Therefore, the doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" took part in an information campaign, and prepared conversations, leaflets, booklets and a book exhibition, urged all vacationers and employees to move more, visit the pool and water park, eat right. Prevention of this disease is available to everyone. What is important to know?

• Replace sausages, semi-finished products and canned food with beans, beans, fish, poultry or veal.

• Eat more foods rich in fiber — cauliflower and broccoli, beets, carrots, zucchini, apples and pears, and bread with bran.

• Exercise moderately daily. It has been reliably proven that physical activity reduces the risk of colon cancer by 70%. Swim, take walks and exercise.

• Give up smoking and drinking alcohol.

• Pass the examination and medical examination in a timely manner.

• Keep a positive emotional attitude.

Remember that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat!

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Less salt means more health

    World Salt Awareness Week is celebrated annually in the first days of November. By the word "salt" we most often mean table salt. As the saying goes: "Everything is good in moderation," and with salt this is especially true. It is important to observe the golden mean, to know that there is a daily norm of salt for a person, and to adhere to it, and this is no more than 5-8 grams per day. Salt is not food. It can cause water retention in the tissues. It clogs the ducts, and the fluid cannot leave the body. As a result, edema forms, and excess sodium chloride begins to accumulate. Sodium increases blood pressure, which is harmful to health in hypertension. If the disease develops, a stroke may occur. Excessive intake of salt into the body causes various diseases of the kidneys, liver, and heart.

    Health workers of the sanatorium "Krasivo" took part in popularizing a healthy lifestyle and promoting the reduction of salt intake and prepared conversations, films, booklets, leaflets for vacationers. The doctors of the sanatorium held a seminar - "Taste of Life" and a social advertising contest about self-restriction of salt and snacks. The purpose of the events is to reduce the consumption of salty foods in the diet of people in order to improve the health of the human population.

    We join the all-Russian movement to limit the use of salt and invite you to follow the minimum standards for the use of salty foods!

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Week of blood pressure control and heart rhythm disorders

Currently, cardiovascular diseases have come out on top all over the world. It is alarming that these diseases, recently, often occur at a young age and are the causes of serious outcomes. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases and training people to control blood pressure helps prevent heart disease. To do this, it is necessary to know what our heart does not love, and what it responds to with gratitude. The doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" have prepared an information campaign and teach vacationers competent prevention of cardiovascular diseases, control of pressure, pulse, monitoring the rhythm of the heart, explaining to everyone that this will help reduce the number of risks in patients suffering from hypertension, coronary heart disease and such formidable complications as myocardial infarction or stroke. When we talk about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, we primarily mean a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the commandments for heart health that are available to everyone:

  • Give up smoking and alcohol.
  • Don't forget about physical activity.
  • Watch your weight, do not allow obesity.
  • Eat right: eat more vegetables and fruits, low-fat varieties of dairy products, lean meat and fish.
  • Do not refuse doctor's appointments and this will help you avoid complications and critical conditions, prolong your life.
  • Control your blood pressure, because high blood pressure can lead to a heart attack.
  • Monitor your cholesterol levels.

Be attentive to any changes in your well-being.

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World Healthy Eating Week

In the sanatorium "Krasno", special attention is paid to healthy nutrition, as it is one of the most important components of sanatorium treatment. The justified choice of diet, the quality of food and the methods of their culinary processing, calorie content, makes nutrition a powerful therapeutic factor. Catering specialists of the health resort treat such an important aspect with love and care and give preference to products of their own production, which are grown on the subsidiary farm of the sanatorium. This is a real eco–friendly production. The sanatorium has its own quail farm, apiary, gardens. Therefore, fresh and healthy quail eggs, honey, plums, apples fall on the tables of vacationers. For vacationers, a medicinal drink is prepared from oats grown in the fields of the sanatorium. Proactive employees responsible for catering for vacationers are constantly trained, participate in exhibitions, festivals and competitive events, introducing the best experience to the sanatorium. We believe that nutrition should be balanced, correct and environmentally friendly. The valuable project "Healthy Nutrition" is a useful information campaign using mass media, conversations, leaflets, booklets, films prepared by the doctors of the sanatorium.
During this week, we offer to watch videos about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and recommendations for switching to proper nutrition. The doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" urge every person to think about their health and daily diet, to make an informed choice every day so that healthy eating becomes an integral part of everyday traditions and lifestyle.

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World Breast Cancer Day

Every year about 4 million women can be saved if they are taught to take care of their health, prevention measures and early detection of cancer. The above questions make a woman think about herself.

In the sanatorium "Krasivo" more than a thousand women annually rest and restore their health on a voucher for the recovery of cancer patients who were able to defeat this formidable disease. A standard of health improvement and a special psychological program - "Give yourself a life" - have been developed for them. Every woman who is faced with this serious disease receives medical and psychological help. Doctors recommend that women undergo examinations more often, monitor their health. Thus, 98% of patients recover if the disease was diagnosed at an early stage. Medical workers of the sanatorium "Beautifully" have prepared memos, booklets, leaflets on the prevention of oncological diseases, the formation of attitudes to a healthy lifestyle and safe behavior. And a sociological study on a healthy lifestyle, which was conducted in the sanatorium "Beautifully", confirmed the correctness of the attitudes of modern women. A competent attitude to your body, regular checkups with a doctor, a healthy lifestyle and a good mood will improve a woman's quality of life.

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Healthy pregnancy week in a sanatorium

  From October 3 to 9, at the initiative of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the week of breastfeeding support and responsible attitude to reproductive health and healthy pregnancy began.

  During the year, 500 pregnant women are recovering in the Sanatorium "Krasivo", and a program of classes has been specially developed for them - "Myths, riddles and the magic of motherhood", which is implemented jointly with doctors and psychologists of the sanatorium. The training package includes specially selected lectures on the course of pregnancy, on breastfeeding the baby, conversations, films, exercises aimed at relaxation and muscle relaxation, as well as sessions of emotional and imaginative therapy.

  Every pregnant woman, except for the supervision of a gynecologist, at the first stage, receives advice from narrow specialists of the sanatorium: an endocrinologist, if necessary – a cardiologist and an individual consultation of a psychologist. Psychoprophylactic preparation of women for childbirth according to the program - "Myths, riddles and magic of motherhood" can significantly improve the psychological and emotional state of a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is the most charming period in a woman's life. The staff of the sanatorium "Beautifully" are trying to increase your happiness.

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