Healthy Food Promotion Week

    From December 18 to 24, a Week of promoting healthy eating is being held in Russia as part of the National Health Project. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet helps to avoid metabolic disorders and associated diseases. Good health is an effective result of working on yourself, your food preferences, including giving up delicious, but not necessary treats for the body. And then your body will reward you with wonderful well-being and longevity. One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle, which determines the state of human health by more than 50%, is nutrition. Meetings with doctors, explanations, conversations, lectures, printed materials contribute to familiarization with the basics of healthy nutrition for vacationers of the sanatorium "Krasivo".

    The occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and oncology is facilitated by an unbalanced diet, abundant in simple sugars, saturated fats, and excess calories, but deficient in important nutrients. Aggressive advertising of fast food, a huge range of processed products, and cunningly constructed marketing by retailers encourages excessive consumption of harmful products. It is important to understand this and fill your daily food basket correctly. There are simple rules that make it possible to make a diet not only healthy, but also optimal for a particular person:

1. The balance between energy coming from food and its consumption.

2. Limit salt intake to 5 g per day (1 tsp).

3. Consumption of at least 400 g of seasonal vegetables, fruits, legumes.

4. Reducing the amount of fat. Don't overeat!

As the ancients said: "Let food be your medicine! Otherwise, the medicine will become food!"

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Injury prevention in winter

    In winter, we get most of our injuries on the streets. In a number of their reasons, banal haste and ice are in the first place. Typical injuries are fractures of the radius, fractures of the ankles and collarbone, bruises, ligament damage of the ankle and knee joints, fractures of the shin bones, traumatic brain injuries. Injuries are especially dangerous for the elderly. Even a small load during a fall can result in a hip fracture for them. Ice is a particular danger. To avoid injury, we remind you of the simple rules:

1. Walk slowly, on bent legs, slightly relaxing them at the knees and leaning on the whole foot;

2. It is very important not to keep your hands in your pockets (with fixed hands, the probability of not only falling, but also a fracture increases);

3. Having slipped, you need to have time to group up, be ready to fall;

4. It is best to fall on your side, in no case should you land on straight arms;

5. It is undesirable to leave the house at night, in very cold weather, when it is snowing and slippery;

6. It is advisable for elderly people to use a cane or walk with their loved ones, this is especially important when crossing the street, when descending stairs and climbing up it;

7. During icy conditions, stay away from the roadway and in no case run over it! The braking distance of cars increases significantly at this time.

    In the sanatorium "Krasivo", doctors hold talks about injury prevention, distribute memos and booklets on the topic to vacationers and urge them to take care of themselves and children!

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The week of responsible attitude to health

From December 11 to 17, 2023, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation declared a week of responsible attitude to health. Sanatorium "Krasivo" joins the infocampania. Doctors prepare lectures, talks, printed materials and film screenings on this topic and reveal the basic principles of a responsible attitude to health:

Firstly, it is the observance of a healthy lifestyle – the rejection of bad habits, a healthy diet and physical activity. A necessary element of a healthy lifestyle for any person is a rational work and rest regime. Full sleep should be at least 7-8 hours a day, which creates optimal conditions for work and rest and thereby contributes to health promotion.

The second principle of a responsible attitude to health is monitoring one's own health – passing professional examinations and medical examinations and, as a result of this examination, timely access to a doctor.

And the last principle of the discussed issue of the Week is responsible use of medicines, proper storage and use of medicines.

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Week of prevention of consumption of nicotine-containing products

From December 4 to December 10, 2023, the Week of prevention of consumption of nicotine-containing products is taking place. The purpose of the event is to reduce the level of tobacco consumption among both adults and adolescents. According to official statistics, over the years of the state policy aimed at protecting citizens from tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco use, the prevalence of smoking in the country has been steadily decreasing. Nicotine–containing products cause the same harm to the body as tobacco products, and myths about their harmlessness are only well-planned misinformation of the tobacco industry. Tobacco smoking is a major public health problem. An adequate preventive action plan should be drawn up based on an understanding of the risk of developing dependence on tobacco use, as well as the most significant population and individual factors in the formation of smoking habits.

The staff of the sanatorium "Krasivo" live in harmony with the motto - "Lead a healthy lifestyle!". This festive week, sports and information events are held in the sanatorium "Krasivo" under various slogans – "Sport prolongs life", "Replace a cigarette with a candy", "Smoking is not fashionable" and others. Doctors have prepared lectures, talks, leaflets, films and videos about the dangers of smoking. Everyone can get specific recommendations that will help to cope with addiction. You can become a prisoner of tobacco very quickly, so the best way is not to start smoking, and if it does happen, then work hard and quit the bad habit, otherwise it will be too late.

Remember that your health is only in your hands!

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"AIDS is a tragedy of humanity"

In the sanatorium "Krasivo" prevention week called: "AIDS is a tragedy of humanity", is held from November 27 to December 3. The purpose of the event is to attract public attention to the problem of the spread of AIDS, as well as its prevention. During this period, various thematic mass and informational events are planned in the sanatorium, aimed at forming a healthy lifestyle, preserving and strengthening the health of vacationers and employees. During this period, we will hold contests, promotions, talks, conferences, seminars and demonstrate scientific polar documentaries about a healthy lifestyle. Medical specialists remind of the importance of regular prevention of this disease. Summing up the results of the week will take place in December with the presentation of diplomas to the most active participants and listeners of the events. Forewarned means armed. That is why it is important to inform vacationers about a healthy lifestyle, about real life values. We urge every vacationer and employee to listen to the voice of reason and observe personal preventive measures. Be healthy!

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Antimicrobial Resistance Week is taking place in Russia from November 20 to 26

This year, the World Antimicrobial Resistance Week is held under the slogan "Let's join forces to counter antimicrobial resistance". Antimicrobial resistance (UPP) occurs as a result of the gradual mutation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, and their loss of susceptibility to drugs, which complicates the treatment of infections and increases the risk of the spread, severe course and fatal outcome of diseases. Drug resistance makes antibiotics and other antimicrobials ineffective and gradually complicates or makes it impossible to treat infections.

The World Antimicrobial Use Week is an annual global campaign designed to stimulate knowledge and understanding of the problem of SCP and to help all parties who have a leading role in reducing the formation and spread of SCP – the public, representatives of sectors interested in the implementation of the "One Health" concept, and policy makers – in the introduction of best practices to solve the problem. Sanatorium "Beautifully" joins the infocompania. The events held by the doctors of the sanatorium "Krasivo" are relevant and significant. Medical workers prepared booklets, lectures, talks, films and videos in which they revealed the risk factors of the problem. We wish you good health!

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World Diabetes Day

    World Diabetes Day was established in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization and is celebrated on November 14. Its purpose is to inform all people about the symptoms and prevention of a dangerous disease. Medical workers of the sanatorium "Beautifully" join the infocampania. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the disease in children and adults living with diabetes. The diabetes school of the sanatorium "Beautifully" operates year-round and is open to all vacationers. An experienced endocrinologist Pankova Svetlana Sergeevna has developed a program of classes with vacationers about the prevention of diabetes and successfully implements it.

    Here are just some of the events that are held this week in the sanatorium:

• conducting classes on proper nutrition for the prevention of diabetes;

• watching films about diabetes and publishing publications in the press;

• conversations on early diagnosis of the disease and its complications;

• public information meetings, organization of press conferences;

• distribution of booklets and leaflets about diabetes.

    Prevention of diabetes in patients takes place more efficiently thanks to a set of measures. Diabetes is not a sentence, but a way of life. Remember that! You just need to take control of your life. We wish you good health!

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Week of prevention of respiratory diseases

Medical workers of the sanatorium "Krasivo" conduct infocampania - Breathing is life. The quality of our breath is the quality of our life. Our breathing is closely connected with our emotions, feelings and experiences. We breathe easily when we are happy. We lack breath when we are outraged. The breath accompanies us everywhere, all our life! Our breath is our friend and helper.

It is important to remember that respiratory diseases are divided into infectious (influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis), inflammatory (bronchitis, tracheitis, pleurisy) and allergic (bronchial asthma). In addition to infections, harmful environmental factors have a negative impact on the respiratory tract. Therefore, in order to avoid respiratory diseases, it is necessary to adhere to some preventive measures.

Prevention of respiratory diseases:

• In the first place - walking in the fresh air is the key to respiratory health.

• Proper breathing. Proper and natural breathing is breathing through the nose, passing through its cavity, the air enters the nasopharynx, where it becomes cleaner and warmer.

• Breathing exercises. As a prevention of respiratory diseases, it is advisable to do breathing exercises daily. For example, Strelnikova's breathing exercises.

• Healthy lifestyle, physical activity. Proper nutrition, hardening, quitting smoking — all this helps to increase the body's resistance to infections.

• Avoid large crowds. Wear personal protective equipment during the epidemic of viral diseases.

• Follow the rules of personal hygiene. Wash your hands after the street and visiting public places.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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International Stress Awareness Week

At the initiative of the International Association for Stress Management, established in 1973, Stress Awareness Day is celebrated annually in November. This day is designed to remind you once again that you need to take care not only of your physical condition, but also of your mental state, especially to be able to cope with stress.

On an ongoing basis, throughout the year, the specialists of the Sanatorium "Beautifully" hold events dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, training of vacationers and employees of the coping strategy (including stress as a factor forming professional burnout). The sanatorium hosts lectures, talks, movie screenings, and the distribution of booklets and leaflets about stress prevention.

The main methods of stress regulation are available to everyone:

* In order to cope with stress more effectively, it is necessary to strengthen the general state of health through proper nutrition, proper rest and sports.

* "The 60-second rule". Never postpone things that only take one minute to complete. Having crossed out a few things from a huge list, you will feel a huge relief.

* Get distracted and find a pleasant healthy leisure time for yourself, which will be a way for you to relax and have fun. Share your experiences with your loved ones. Learn to draw, sing, embroider.

* Stay optimistic, smile and learn to say "no" while maintaining boundaries.

* Learn simple meditations and spend a few minutes a day doing it.

* Seek qualified help from psychologists.

* And, of course, try to fix the annoying situation.

We wish you health and positivity!

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Stroke Control Week

From October 23 to October 29, 2023, the Stroke Control Week is held. For the first time this day was celebrated on October 29 in 2004, when the World Health Organization declared stroke a global epidemic. This initiative of WHO and partners is dedicated to the dissemination of information about such a frequent and dangerous disease as stroke.

Doctors of the sanatorium "Beautifully" join the infocampania and conduct lectures and talks, seminars and meetings with vacationers, distribute booklets and leaflets.

Stroke is brain damage, which can be caused by blockage of blood vessels, a ruptured blood clot and many other factors. In all cases, hemorrhage occurs and the oxygen supply to the brain cells stops. With such a disease, urgent hospitalization and emergency treatment are necessary.

Risk factors:

• arterial hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels in the blood;

• atherosclerosis;

• smoking and bad habits;

• diabetes and old age;

• past and existing heart diseases, especially atrial fibrillation and myocardial infarction.

The presence of concomitant diseases, which include hypertension, high cholesterol in the blood, diabetes and obesity - contribute to the risk of stroke. Visit a doctor, monitor blood pressure and take tests.

Take care of yourself! We wish you good health!

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