About the dangers of Smoking

Tobacco was brought to Europe after Columbus discovery of America and then it spread around the world through trade. Today, according to the world Health Organization, one third of the world adult population smoke tobacco.

Tobacco smoke contains such a substance as nicotine it is a stimulant, which increases dopamine levels in the brain and causes euphoria in smokers. Nicotine temporarily relieves the feeling of anxiety that occurs when Smoking cessation for a short period of time. However, he does not reduce irritability in Smoking.

the Main part of nicotine neutralizes body, but even the remaining  parts is enough to induce somatic and psychological effects, and to dependence. In the works Benowitz and Henningfield it was found that the degree of physical dependence caused by a nicotine than caffeine and marijuana.

Numerous medical studies indicate a clear link Smoking with cancer, emphysema, diseases of the cardiovascular system and many other health problems. Tobacco is the second leading cause of death in the world. Life expectancy of smokers is less than 13 years than  non-smokers.

the Main negative impact in the body falls on the respiratory system. Tobacco smoke damages the respiratory epithelium, causing morning cough of the smoker,and leads to the development of bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and cancer. In smokers the risk of developing active TB is increased by 2-4 times.

90% of deaths from lung cancer in men and 80 % in women caused by Smoking. Tobacco smoke is a strong carcinogen. It inhibits antitumor immunity. It is composed of substances are able to damage the DNA of cells that leads to malignancy. The main substances trigger the disease of lung cancer in smokers are considered as polonium, radon, nitrosamines and benzpyrene contained in the tar of tobacco.

it Should be noted that tobacco Smoking is dangerous not only for smokers themselves, but also for those around them. Increases the likelihood of lung cancer and breast cancer in passive smokers, increased risk of heart disease, asthma, miscarriages (in pregnant women) and other health problems.

All of the above - a reason to quit. Positive changes in quitting Smoking not long to wait:

  • after two hours, nicotine starts to leave the body;
  • twelve hours carbon monoxide from Smoking out of the body completely, the lungs begin to function better;
  • two days later, the smell and taste sensitivity will become more acute;
  • in seven to nine weeks of subtle olfactory channels will finally be cleared of resin and soot;
  • after three months the functioning of the circulatory system is improved;
  • three to nine months shortness of breath, cough and breathing problems become less pronounced, lung function increases by 10 %;
  • in five years the risk of myocardial infarction is two times less than in smokers.

as a conclusion, we note that modern research has shown that Smoking is a socially contagious phenomenon. It turned out that Smoking is easier to quit Smoking if quit Smoking one of his closest friends or relatives. Thus, the fight against Smoking is not only a problem to be solved by the smoker, but society as a whole.

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Lean manufacturing in the REGIONAL "Sanatorium "Krasivo"

Lean manufacturing is the elimination of any actions which consume resources but not create any value for the end user.

today, he has  lots of possibilities  for choice sanatorskaya services, it is becoming more and more demanding of the level of service quality. Given this, in our sanatorium, introduced new standards of appearance and behavior of health workers. Standards constitute the standards (rules) of conduct that provide ever-increasing culture of service, efficiency and high quality work (conscientiousness, discipline, responsibility, efficiency, humanity communication). The sanatorium staff should know the basics of professional ethics, to ensure high organization of labour and discipline. Professional ethics covers the following aspects of the behavior, as a conscientious attitude to their official duties, the aesthetic maintenance of the premises, safety of equipment and inventory, active organization and provision of high quality services, adherence to ethical standards and rules of conduct. High service culture assumes knowledge of employees skills of behavior in society, communication, culture, language, knowledge of the intricacies of professional etiquette.

the Foundation of lean manufacturing in the sanatorium  begins with the organization of your workplace on the system of "5 S". Often at the workplace of the doctor can meet a mountain of medical records, different forms and directions, which creates overcrowding and disorder. Poor workplace organization leads to wasted time. Found that  during a three-hour reception, doctor on average four times have to look for a lost medical document, medical card. In addition to the loss of working time, this circumstance is a cause of additional emotional stress to the doctor's and nurses, creates a negative atmosphere at the reception, affects the state of the diagnostic and treatment process. Desk doctor and nurses should be in the most lit part of the classroom, around the table, you must have a space allowing the free movement of doctors and medical sisters from table to any subject. The location of each object should be designed to minimize the cost of movement and to ensure compliance with aesthetic requirements in the design of the study. With workbench, you must remove all the excess.

this is a long-abandoned scrapbook outdated stickers. Should be addressed to the places of unnecessary documents. Be sure to wipe the dust off of tabletops. On the Desk in the office should not be that interferes with or clogs the space. All stationery should be tested for proper operation and then placed in a special drawer.  So thought the organization and maintenance of the workplace, its equipment and equipment subject to the requirements of economy and aesthetics, the rational layout of the Cabinet should be aimed at creating conditions for effective and qualitative work of a doctor and nurses, the leading reception.

One of the components of success of modern doctor and nurses – it is their appearance, it must meet the standards and rules established in the sanatorium. Uniforms health care worker emphasizes its formality, its affiliation to this company, which helps travelers easily find the representative of the sanatorium. All our workers carefully monitor the appearance, with the neatness and cleanliness of clothes and shoes. Every employee of our sanatorium wears a badge indicating the name of the medical organization, surname, name, patronymic, position of the employee. Clothing  all medical personnel has a classic style, office style business,  it is always clean, tidy, neutral and soothing colors.

Our health care workers comply with universal principles of ethics and deontology, do not discuss publicly their colleagues and give them negative ratings and characteristics. Well as in the performance of their duties, medical personnel know that the sole purpose of their implementation is the provision of medical care or services necessary rest, therefore, in the presence of tourists does not comment on his workload or time restriction, do not ignore the presence and questions of the patient, do not Express emotions about your well-being and the influence of the presence of the patient. Also at our resort it is unacceptable to use resting as an assistant in the process of providing medical care (for example, calling a vacationer from a queue to other guests, finding information in folders, test results, etc.), and leave the resting one in the office during your appointment, without sufficient reason.

To be successful in our sanatorium constantly created and maintained the team's positive attitude, we have decided to share with others professional success and achievements for their and their colleagues. In the sanatorium is not acceptable familiarity in communication between colleagues. During working hours in the presence of resting medical professionals communicate exclusively on the provision of medical care.

Another tool of lean manufacturing at our resort is  the "task Board" and 15 minute meeting. The "task Board" is a visualization tool that allows you to see the workload of specialists to identify bottlenecks in the work of departments and take timely corrective decisions. This tool allows the physician to monitor the implementation of the tasks individually by each employee. 

the"task Board" is divided into several areas:  in terms of the work done. The task each employee independently moves the necessary sticker in the column "done". Daily meeting of the "task Board" allow the chief physician every day to meet with their staff to discuss the current state of Affairs. When we look at images, our brain can simultaneously process multiple items, and it allows you to reach speeds several times faster than conventional reading of the text. Therefore, visualization is one of the most powerful and proven techniques in lean manufacturing.