To the sanatorium, not only for health

We all used to go to a sanatorium for health. In our sanatorium there are qualified professionals, powerful diagnostic base, a large range of treatments, clean air and beautiful nature.

Belgorod already so accustomed to high service in the resort, we increasingly difficult to surprise tourists. But in the spring of 2014, the sanatorium was to provide vacationers leaving from vacation, a new service. After relaxing at the Spa, You can buy in the sanatorium plants are grown in our own nursery.

the Choice of plants is great. There is a zoned seedlings of fruit trees established in our region. It is also possible to buy ornamental plants that are used in the landscape of the sanatorium.

Now, if, having walked around the resort, you like plant, you can buy seedlings of this plant for a home, call 33-145 in club resort.

Receiving plant, you will receive written instructions on how to plant, where to plant and how to care for this plant.

a full list of products nursery can be found on the website of the kennel sanatorium; All products are in stock, prices are relevant.

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Densitometry and osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis?

This is a disease of the skeleton, which is expressed in a decrease in the density of bone tissue and, as a result, a decrease in its strength. Women are most susceptible to osteoporosis. Bone thinning in women begins at the age of 25 and accelerates significantly after menopause. Men are much less susceptible to osteoporosis. With osteoporosis, microarchitectonics is disrupted, the bone becomes thin and brittle. Osteoporosis is secretive and has no specific symptoms. Often a person learns about it after the fracture is received. The skeleton is deformed - the vertebrae are flattened, the spine is curved. Flattened vertebrae squeeze the roots of the spinal cord especially often in the lumbar region, which leads to back pain and limited mobility. Osteoporosis dramatically increases the likelihood of fractures. In those situations when a healthy person gets off with a minor bruise, a person suffering from osteoporosis risks being bedridden for a long time.

What is Densitometry?

Bone densitometry is used to determine the health of bones and exclude the risk of bone fractures. Early detection of osteoporosis allows you to take timely measures to prevent pathological fractures.

An ordinary X-ray allows you to determine osteoporosis "by eye" when 20-30% of the bone mass has already been lost. In the last two decades, highly effective devices for bone-densitometric studies have been developed, allowing to quantify bone losses and diagnose them at the early stages of osteoporosis with an accuracy of 2-5% in different parts of the skeleton.

X-ray methods of bone densitometry are based on measuring the density of the X-ray radiation flux passing through the bone tissue. A narrow and very low-power beam of X-rays is directed to the measured area of the bone and the intensity of the beam passed through the bone is recorded by the detector. The more the bone delays the flow of rays, the greater its density.

The radiation dose received by the patient during densitometry is very low-less than one tenth of the dose with standard chest radiography.

Who is shown densitometry?

  • Women, in the first few years after menopause (especially after ovarian removal);
  • All people who have two or more risk factors for osteoporosis;
  • All people who have had one or more fractures over the age of 40 years not related to serious accidents (car accident, fall from a great height, sports injuries);
  • People who have been taking glucocorticoid hormones (prednisone, hydrocortisone), thyroid hormones for a long time;
  • People who are suspected of osteoporosis during an X-ray examination of bones;
  • People receiving drug therapy for osteoporosis to monitor the effectiveness of treatment

How to prepare for densitometry?

Eat as usual, but stop taking calcium supplements at least a day before the examination. If you have recently undergone a barium examination or a computed tomography (CT) scan using a contrast agent or a radioisotope scan, tell your doctor about it. You may have to wait 10-14 days before doing a DEXA study. If there is the slightest chance that you are pregnant, tell your doctor about it.

How do they do densitometry?

Densitometry takes 10 -15 minutes. You will need to lie down on a table upholstered with a soft material, under which the radiation source is located. There is a sensor above the table.In the sanatorium" Krasno", the loss of bone density in the lumbar spine and in the upper part of the femur is being investigated. Most osteoporosis-related fractures occur in these areas.

What will I experience during densitometry?

You will not experience anything. A person does not have receptors that can respond to X-ray radiation. Moreover, it is as weak as in a densitometer. When you are on the table, you may be asked to maintain the set position for a short time while the device console moves above you, taking measurements. During the examination, you should try to maintain complete immobility so that the image is clear. The examination is painless, and the radiation dose is very low.

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Licorice tubs

Now scientists have been actively searching for new methods of healing based on natural components. Of particular interest are preparations of medicinal plants.

Relatively recently began to apply the foamy bath in which the foaming tool is used licorice root extract. Licorice is well known to physicians and pediatricians of the old school. Preparations of licorice root has long been prescribed for diseases of the respiratory tract in an effective and safe means. Despite the emergence of pharmacies new medicines, the decoction of licorice root is still recommended by many domestic manuals.

For making foam baths use a thick extract of licorice. It is obtained by aqueous extraction and subsequent thickening. Extract on kind of brown color, sweet taste. When shaking with water forms a dense stable foam. During the procedure, the foam causes a pleasant warmth, thus eliminating hydrostatic pressure inherent in conventional aqueous baths, are contraindicated for many patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Bubble bath sedative effect on the nervous system increased sweating, metabolic processes. Foam-licorice bath possess an immunomodulating action, in other words, the procedure normalizes the immune system. The skin after receiving a foam-Solodkova bath becomes soft and silky smooth .It is noticeable after the first time!

For the preparation of bubble baths used a thick extract of licorice. 40 - 50 ml of the drug dissolved in 45 l of water. The extract solution is poured into the tub, and places hollow grille for foaming. With the help of a compressor through reshotka air is supplied, beat the foam. The resulting foam fills the entire tub. The patient during the treatment lies on the grid, his skin comes into contact exclusively with foam.


  • chronic fatigue Syndrome, neuroses of various origins.
  • Atopic and infectious-allergic bronchial asthma in the phase of damped recrudescence, remission, of chronic bronchitis.
  • hay fever in the period of exacerbation.
  • Chronic gastritis with preserved secretory function in all clinical stages of the disease.
  • a stomach Ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in the phase of damped recrudescence, remission.
  • atopic dermatitis occurring on their own without the constraints of the stage and complicated by pyoderma.
  • Chronic recurrent urticaria.


  • cardiovascular Diseases in the decompensation stage.
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
  • Pyoderma, erysipelas of the skin.
  • Pregnancy, acute uterine bleeding.
  • Cancer.

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A blood test for glycated hemoglobin

Our sanatorium constantly expands and improves the range of services. Now clinical diagnostic laboratory sanatorium can offer You to determine your level of glycated hemoglobin.

for a Long time, traditionally for the diagnosis of diabetes and assess the effectiveness of the treatment, the blood glucose was used as the only indicator. In the last decade, along with the study of blood sugar levels, widely used blood test for glycated hemoglobin, which allows you to track average glucose content in the blood plasma within the previous three months.

If your doctor has a suspicion of diabetes, this analysis needs to be done. It allows to identify diabetes in its early stages and begin treatment or to calm a person, if diabetes had not.

This important blood test is the most informative and convenient in comparison with a standard determination of the level of blood sugar. It is used to assess the quality of diabetes treatment for the preceding three months, which allows time to correct treatment and diet. This informative analysis is particularly relevant for doctors in our sanatorium, as it allows to trace the sugar level during the time that the camper was at home. And analysis to make recommendations for treatment and to adjust the visiting procedures of the sanatorium.

who says this test is optimal and necessary for follow up of patients with diabetes, who need to conduct a study of the level of glycated hemoglobin at regular intervals for 3 months.

in addition, this analysis has several advantages over the analysis of blood glucose and before the test on glucose tolerance. One of these advantages, it can be done at any time regardless of the meal, it is more efficiently and accurately allows to identify diabetes in its early stages allows doctors to understand how adequate hypoglycemic therapy was getting sick for the last 3 months and control your blood sugar levels.

Endocrinologist sanatorium pan'kova, S. S.

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Complex RedCord

Unique kinezioterapevticheskiye technology "of RedCord" is intended for the treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system using techniques of neuromuscular activation.

Treatment consists of specially - selected exercises and techniques with the use of specialized hanging systems and gives a quick and lasting result in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the characteristic manifestations of which are:

  • lower back Pain (lumbalgia, sciatica).
  • neck Pain.
  • pain in the shoulders.
  • Different types of headaches.
  • "tennis elbow"/"computer" hand.
  • pain in the knee and ankle joints.
  • back Injury, neck, spine (from a sudden sharp movement).
  • pain in the region of the pelvic girdle.
  • Other diseases.

Studies have shown that immobility (lack of exercise) or pain can deactivate one or more muscles, forcing other muscles to compensate and become tense or paramtablename. This often leads to impaired mobility and pain.

the Newly developed technique of treatment by neuro - muscular activation of the muscles is aimed at stimulation of fully or partially deactivated muscles. Such treatment often causes immediate improvement in acute and chronic muscle pain in just one treatment.

exercises using unique methods and equipment is an effective way to train functional strength and prevention of injuries (traumas),used in medicine, fitness and world-class athletes around the world.

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About the dangers of Smoking

Tobacco was brought to Europe after Columbus discovery of America and then it spread around the world through trade. Today, according to the world Health Organization, one third of the world adult population smoke tobacco.

Tobacco smoke contains such a substance as nicotine it is a stimulant, which increases dopamine levels in the brain and causes euphoria in smokers. Nicotine temporarily relieves the feeling of anxiety that occurs when Smoking cessation for a short period of time. However, he does not reduce irritability in Smoking.

the Main part of nicotine neutralizes body, but even the remaining  parts is enough to induce somatic and psychological effects, and to dependence. In the works Benowitz and Henningfield it was found that the degree of physical dependence caused by a nicotine than caffeine and marijuana.

Numerous medical studies indicate a clear link Smoking with cancer, emphysema, diseases of the cardiovascular system and many other health problems. Tobacco is the second leading cause of death in the world. Life expectancy of smokers is less than 13 years than  non-smokers.

the Main negative impact in the body falls on the respiratory system. Tobacco smoke damages the respiratory epithelium, causing morning cough of the smoker,and leads to the development of bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and cancer. In smokers the risk of developing active TB is increased by 2-4 times.

90% of deaths from lung cancer in men and 80 % in women caused by Smoking. Tobacco smoke is a strong carcinogen. It inhibits antitumor immunity. It is composed of substances are able to damage the DNA of cells that leads to malignancy. The main substances trigger the disease of lung cancer in smokers are considered as polonium, radon, nitrosamines and benzpyrene contained in the tar of tobacco.

it Should be noted that tobacco Smoking is dangerous not only for smokers themselves, but also for those around them. Increases the likelihood of lung cancer and breast cancer in passive smokers, increased risk of heart disease, asthma, miscarriages (in pregnant women) and other health problems.

All of the above - a reason to quit. Positive changes in quitting Smoking not long to wait:

  • after two hours, nicotine starts to leave the body;
  • twelve hours carbon monoxide from Smoking out of the body completely, the lungs begin to function better;
  • two days later, the smell and taste sensitivity will become more acute;
  • in seven to nine weeks of subtle olfactory channels will finally be cleared of resin and soot;
  • after three months the functioning of the circulatory system is improved;
  • three to nine months shortness of breath, cough and breathing problems become less pronounced, lung function increases by 10 %;
  • in five years the risk of myocardial infarction is two times less than in smokers.

as a conclusion, we note that modern research has shown that Smoking is a socially contagious phenomenon. It turned out that Smoking is easier to quit Smoking if quit Smoking one of his closest friends or relatives. Thus, the fight against Smoking is not only a problem to be solved by the smoker, but society as a whole.

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