Choose your life

An hour of questions on the significant topic " Drugs-the trouble of civilization. Choose life" was held in the OGUZ "Sanatorium "Krasivo". In the period from 15 to 26 March 2021, the Belgorod Region is holding the All-Russian campaign "Tell us where they sell death", during which information and explanatory work is being conducted on the dangers of drugs. In the Health Resort "Krasno "among nurses held an" Hour of questions". Chief Medical Nurse Shushpanova Tatyana Nikolaevna I informed my colleagues about the All-Russian campaign "Tell me where they sell death". The main objectives of the event were to draw public attention to the problem of drug addiction and inform the population about the algorithm of actions in case of detection of drug distribution.

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Thematic medical conference of sanatorium "Krasivo" under the title "More taste – less salt"

    World Salt Awareness Week is celebrated annually in March. The goal of the event is to reduce the consumption of salt in the diet of people around the world in order to improve the health of the world's population. On this day, lectures and talks were held in the sanatorium for vacationers. Doctors held a conference on the topic "More taste – less salt". Each specialist had the opportunity to share their opinion on this topic. Doctors with many years of experience shared their experience and unique cases from practice, which enriched the knowledge of young doctors.

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International Day of Rare Diseases

By tradition, at the end of February, the Day of Patients with Rare Diseases is held. This important event has the goal of raising awareness about rare diseases and improving access to treatment and medical care for people with rare diseases.

On this day, a round table was held in the sanatorium. Each medical worker, participant of the event, could make a presentation on the topic of rare diseases and share their experience with patients who have orphan diseases. The round-table meeting of the sanatorium's doctors was informative and fruitful.

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Ski track of Russia

The sanatorium "Krasivo" has been participating in the ski race of Russia since 2011! For many years now, the families of the sanatorium employees have been participating in our team! This year we went to the ski track for the tenth time, we are the heroes of the day in this race!

We, all participants in the crowded ski race, were welcomed by the acting governor Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Gladkov, Alexander Panzhinsky, silver medalist of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Start is given!

Our team ran at distances of 1-3 and 10 km. Everyone was having fun and interesting. On the track, both volunteers and participants cheered everyone on, and tea and bagels were traditionally offered at the "stations". It was fun and interesting for everyone! Our collection of participants of the "Ski Race of Russia" has been replenished with hats of 2021!

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Reporting meetings for 2020 in the sanatorium «Krasivo»

"Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying."

William Stone

In January 2021, reporting meetings were held in 21 departments in the State Medical Institution "Sanatorium "Krasivo" in strict compliance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor: social distance among those present and the implementation of the mask regime. Such collective meetings keep each employee in good shape and strengthen the team spirit. 536 employees united by one strategic development goal: "Obtaining a stable income to ensure effective operation" of the sanatorium summed up the past year. At the meetings, reports were made: the heads of structural divisions, the chairman of the trade union committee, the economist, the director of the health resort Cherkashina Galina Dmitrievna headed the reporting work in the teams. The financial and economic indicators of the sanatorium for the past year were announced. The amount of money earned in 2020 for the provision of spa and related services allowed us to ensure the implementation of the main performance indicators and amounted to 330 million rubles. rub, which is 17.5% less than last year, this difference is due to the fact that the sanatorium was idle for three months under the decree of the Governor of the Belgorod region "On measures to prevent the import and spread of a new coronavirus infection in the Belgorod region".

Despite the difficulties encountered in 2021, the administration of the institution was able to minimize the objectively incurred losses. Thus, fixed assets were purchased in the amount of 10.8 million rubles, including medical equipment for 3.6 million rubles. Labor costs amounted to 201 million rubles. The average accrued salary was 25,570 rubles, an increase of 8.2%. The obligations to pay taxes to all levels of budgets and extra-budgetary funds were fulfilled in full in the amount of 82 million rubles.

The organization of the reporting meeting in our workforce is necessary not only for the report of work, but also for the motivation and emotional charge of employees for new achievements in production. Social and labor relations in the sanatorium are regulated by a collective agreement, according to which a number of obligations related to both the provision and creation of normal working conditions, and the provision of many benefits and guarantees. According to the Collective Agreement, the extended package of benefits is performed stably as follows:

  • parents with three or more minor children are provided with financial assistance and paid additional days off,
  • at the birth of twins – 50 thousand rubles,
  • at the birth of the third child-100 thousand rubles.

In our team in this reporting period, two families met newborns for the third time: the Moseyevs, the Kotlyars, and the Lomakins for the fourth time. With this enthusiastic event, the director Galina Dmitrievna Cherkashina, to the applause of the staff, congratulated the mothers at the meetings in the departments: canteen, administrative and managerial staff, physiotherapy and handed each of them 100 thousand rubles.

During the meeting, employees were awarded certificates in the following categories:

"For loyalty to the sanatorium", "For perseverance and perseverance", "Jack of all Trades", "The most reliable and responsible", "For ensuring a high level of public safety" and their 12! Eighty-three people were awarded certificates and each of them was awarded a monetary reward in the amount of two thousand rubles as a reward.

At the end of the meetings, Galina Dmitrievna analyzed the successes and problems faced by the team in the past year, focusing on the fact that they allow us to extract invaluable experience that will be useful to us all in the future. I thanked every department, every employee for their active and conscientious work, for their high-quality and timely work. The team aimed to fulfill the main tasks facing us: to improve the quality of medical care provided to patients and vacationers of the sanatorium, introducing lean production and quality management.

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Dear vacationers and everyone!

The clinical and diagnostic laboratory of the sanatorium "Krasivo" invites you to take an analysis of blood electrolytes on a new analyzer. A modern, accurate, fast analyzer manufactured by i-SENS Ins (Republic of Korea) allows you to conduct all the necessary research in the shortest possible time. Violations of the water-electrolyte balance are one of the most common pathologies encountered in the clinical practice of a doctor.

When do I need to test for Potassium (K⁺), sodium (Na⁺), and chlorine (CL⁻)?

If you have:

  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension and arrhythmia;
  2. Kidney diseases (urolithiasis, taking diuretics);
  3. Diseases of the digestive system (taking adsorbents or laxatives, frequent diarrhea);
  4. Metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes mellitus);
  5. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteoporosis, rhabdomyolysis and paralysis);
  6. Respiratory system disease (bronchial asthma, after pneumonia, including COVID-19).

We are waiting for you on weekdays from 8.00 on an empty stomach!

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Schedule of the sanatorium for the new year holidays in 2021

Dear vacationers, the sanatorium "Krasivo" invites You to the new year holidays, relax with health benefits.

Working days of the sanatorium (procedures are carried out): 4, 5, 6 and 8 January. On December 31 and January 2, 9, the sanatorium operates according to the schedule of Saturdays - only procedures of the water and mud baths are released.

A medical post with a doctor on duty works around the clock, seven days a week.

On the territory there is a rental of equipment: sleds, cheesecakes, skis.

Arrival of vacationers is carried out seven days a week from 8.00 to 20.00.

We remind you that the reception of vacationers in the sanatorium is made in the presence of the following documents:

  1. passports;
  2. medical policy;
  3. health resort map;
  4. information about the epidemiological environment;
  5. certificates of negative analysis for COVID-19, according to the PCR method, received no later than 7 days before arrival at the sanatorium.

to Book a room and get advice on any questions, please call 8(800) 55-55-393

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«100 best products in Russia»!

On November 12, 2020, the results of the all - Russian competition of the program "100 best goods of Russia" were summed up-the sanatorium "Krasivo" entered the first "Golden hundred" in the category: "Pool and water Park service with hydro massage". The service was presented by the Manager of the swimming pool and water Park with hydro massage.

The conditions of the sanatorium allow us to achieve significant results in the prevention and treatment of diseases, as the methods used combine the healing properties of nature, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, diet therapy and a sanatorium regime. The patient takes the prescribed procedures, supported by classes in the pool, gymnastics, walks on terrains and proper dietary nutrition from natural products.

A Mandatory component of the treatment program is a visit to the pool and water Park containing mineral water. The water Park is equipped with a counterflow system, the speed of which is 1 m/s, which creates water movement, the effect of swimming in place. There are also hydro-massage installations, which complement the swimming procedures in the water Park with massage treatments. Using a special hose, you can perform a local water massage. Aquaerobics are conducted daily under the guidance of an experienced instructor. A children's bowl is provided for children. The pool is equipped with water attractions that provide a physiotherapy effect on the body of visitors. Taking into account the unique properties of mineral water "Krasivo", its use in all balneological procedures, patients receive effective treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Participation in the Competition Of the program "100 best products of Russia" has already become a tradition. The health resort provides high-quality medical services: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018 quality declarations were issued for a period of two years for Spa services and mineral water. The brand of high quality services provided by the health resort still holds. Slogan: "Krasivo" - where the lives of health!» is its business card.

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World patient safety day

Patient Safety is a fundamental principle of medical care.

Each type, form and condition of medical care is accompanied by certain risks for patients.

Undesirable events in the course of medical activities can occur as a result of any medical interventions, even if they are performed correctly (regardless of whether they are diagnostic, therapeutic or rehabilitative).

improving patient safety requires comprehensive solutions within the healthcare system -a wide range of measures to improve the organization of activities, including infection control, safe use of medicines and medical devices, safe clinical practice and safe conditions for care.

Safety of medical activity is the absence of preventable harm, risks of its occurrence and(or) the degree of reduction of permissible harm to the life and health of citizens, medical and pharmaceutical workers, and the environment when performing medical activities.

At the same time, an important component is not only the safety of patients, but also the safety of medical workers. This is particularly important when organizing medical care in the context of a pandemic, as a guarantee of stable and effective work of medical organizations.

Everyone strives to provide quality and safe medical care,and yet, according to the world health organization, who:

• undesirable events caused by unsafe medical care are one of the top 10 causes of death and disability worldwide;

• harm caused by a number of undesirable events can be prevented in almost 50% of cases;

* worldwide, 4 out of 10 patients are harmed in primary and outpatient care;

• non-compliance with safety rules during surgical care is the cause of complications in almost 25% of patients;

• in the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) member countries, 15% of all hospital costs and workloads are a direct result of undesirable events.

The results of Roszdravnadzor inspections also indicate problems in ensuring the safety of medical care provided.

So, in 2019, within the framework of state control of quality and safety of medical activities conducted 5895 inspections, during which revealed 3064 cases of violation of rights of citizens in the field of health, 1998 violations of orders of medical care, 1952 violations of orders for medical examinations, inspections and examinations, 143 violations of the organization and implementation of departmental and 2320 violations of the organization and implementation of internal control of the quality and safety of medical activities.

Recognizing patient safety as a key health priority,the world health Assembly, at its 72nd session, adopted resolution WHA72.6 "Global action for patient safety"on may 25, 2019, and declared September 17 as world patient safety day.

the goal of world patient safety day is to raise global awareness of patient safety and encourage international solidarity in actions aimed at improving patient safety and reducing harm to patients around the world, both the professional community, patients themselves, their relatives, and various organizations representing the interests of patients.

on September 17, 2020, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, together with Roszdravnadzor and in cooperation with the who representative office in Russia, planned events dedicated to the world patient safety day.

Key message of this year's world patient safety day: "Speak out in support of health workers 'safety!"

ensuring the maximum level of health security is an urgent task on a national scale, which requires the joint efforts of all stakeholders, including state, departmental, and public (including patient)organizations.

As part of the world patient safety day in 2020 in the Russian Federation, it is planned to:

• holding the all-Russian Olympiad on safety in healthcare - to identify the level of competence in various areas of ensuring the safety of medical activities;

• interactive voting for patients and medical professionals on current issues of patient safety, the purpose of which is to analyze awareness of priority issues related to safety in receiving and providing medical care;

• holding the regional stage of the all-Russian competition "quality Leader in healthcare" - the competition is held for teams of healthcare professionals who have implemented successful projects aimed at improving the quality and safety of medical activities;

• holding thematic press conferences and briefings on patient safety with the participation of who representatives in the Russian Federation, representatives of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, Roszdravnadzor, health authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as leading medical, scientific and educational organizations in the field of health;

* conducting thematic events dedicated to the world patient safety day: interactive workshops, lectures, thematic meetings, "open days" and other events, including initiatives to draw the attention of patients and their relatives to the issues of responsibility for their own health.

we are confident that world patient safety day will draw public attention to safety issues, encourage joint work of all stakeholders, and serve as a basis for developing programs to improve the safety and quality of life and health of citizens in the Russian Federation.

All events within the framework of the world patient safety day can be held under the slogan "patient safety Culture-everyone's responsibility!"

For all questions related to the preparation and support of events dedicated to the world patient safety day, we recommend contacting the contact center of the Federal state budgetary institution"national Institute of quality" of Roszdravnadzor by phone +7(495)980-29-35 (EXT. 0) or e-mail

Information and methodological materials, as well as an interactive map of events planned within the framework of the world patient safety day in the regions of the Russian Federation are available on the website of the Federal state budgetary institution "national Institute of quality" of Roszdravnadzor in the "world patient safety day" section.

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